Swanny's Fat Guy Log

New to the forum, but have been using the articles for a while. At my heaviest I was 318, this morning I was 234. I’m 5’9. Found out I was diabetic in 2011, got down to 260 doing workout at home, with not much diet changes. Got back up to 289 in 2017. In Aug of 2018, started walking for mental health. Got a little stricter on my diet, but no massive changes… Oatmeal for bfast, salad for lunch, whatever she made for dinner and walked 4 miles a day 6 days a week. By the time Jan of 2019 rolled around, weighed 225, weather got bad, joined Planet Fitness for the Treadmill. February, started lifting weights. I workout 5-6 days a week. I do weights, then treadmill. Most of the time a high incline walk, but the last couple weeks I have been adding a lil jog in. This is what I have done this week….

Dumbbell BP– 60x4x10
Dumbbell Fly – 30x4x15
Incline Dumbbell BP – 50x4x10
Skull Crusher – 50x4x12
Decline Dumbbell BP – 50x4x10
Decline Dumbbell Fly – 30x4x12
Tricep Cable Pulldown, bar – 42.5x4x15
Cable Fly, High – 15x2x15
Cable Fly, Low – 15x12x12
Finished w/ a 2.38mi jog/walk in 35 minutes on the treadmill.

Deadlift – 180x1x8, 200x1x5, 200x1x5, 180x1x6
Bent Over Row – 110x4x8
Concentration Curl – 20x3x10
21’s (but I try 30’s) – 30x2x30, 30x1x21
Hammer Curl – 20x3x15
Dumbbell Row – 35x2x10 High ROM focus, 50x2x10 Low ROM focus
Wide Lat Pulldown – 85x2x15
Narrow Lat Pulldown – 85x2x12
V-Bar Lat Pulldown – 85x2x12
Cable Row – 100x3x12
Rev Grip Ez Curl – 20x1x30, 20x1x25, 20x1x20
Finished w/ a 2.62 treadmill jog/walk in 45minutes

Shoulder Press – 40x4x10
Seated Lat Dumbbell Raise – 15x4x12
Front dumbbell Raise – 15x4x10
OH Tri Extension – 35x4x10
Military Dumbbell Press – 25x4x10
Dumbbell Shrugs – 50x4x10
Tri Rope Pulldown – 30x4x10
Narrow Grip Dec Bench to Skullcrusher – 50x4x10
Rev Fly machine – 55x3x10
Rev Grip Ez Curl – 20x1x30, 20x1x25, 20x1x20
Finished w/ a 1.88 jog/walk on the treadmill

Bench Press – 180x1x5, 160x1x6,190x1x3, 160x1x7
Dumbbell BP – 65x1x8, 65x1x6, 60x1x7, 40x1x15
Incline Dumbbell BP – 55x1x10, 55x1x8, 55x1x7, 35x1x20
Mid Cable Fly – 15x2x15, 15x1x12, 5x1x40
Incline Dumbbell Curl – 20x3x12 w/ Rev Grip Ez Curl – 20x3x20 – Superset (I guess)
No Treadmill

Thurs - 3/6 - Leg and Bicep Day
Squat - 260x3x6, 200x1x10
Calf Raise - 180x4x20
Leg Press - 568(10 plates tot)x3x10
Lying Leg Curl - 135x2x8, 120x2x10
Leg Extension - 90x4x10
Linges - 50x2x10
EZ Bar Curl - 30x2x25, 30x2x20
Preacher (machine) Curl - 60x2x15, 60x2x10
Zotman Curl - 15x4x10

No treadmill work on leg day…

Sun - 3/8 - Chest & Tri’s
Dumbbell BP - 60x4x10
Dumbbell Fly - 30x4x15
Inc Dumbbell Press - 50x4x10
Dec Dumbbell Press - 50x4x10
Dec Dumbbell Fly - 30x4x15
Cable Fly - High - 15x2x12, Low - 15x2x12
Skull Crushers - 50x4x12
Tri Cable Pulldown - 42.5x4x15

3/09 - Back and Bi’s
Deadlift - 200x4x8
Bent Over BB Row - 110x2x8, 110x2x5
Dumbbell Row - 35x2x10 Hi-ROM, 50x2x10 Low-ROM
Wide Grip Pulldown - 85x2x15
Narrow Grip Pulldown - 85x2x12
v-Bar Lat Pulldown - 85x2x12
Cable Row - 100x3x12
EZ-Bar Curl - 30x2x30, 30x1x21
Concentration Curl - 25x3x10
HAmmer Curl - 25x3x10
Rev Grip EZ Bar Curl - 20x3x20

3/10 - Shoulders & Tri’s
Shoulder Press - 40x4x10
Military Press - 25x4x10
OH Tri Extension - 35x4x10
Seated Dumbbell Lat Raise - 15x4x12
Front Dumbbell Raise - 15x4x12
Shrug - 55x4x10
Narrow grip Decline Press to Skull Crusher - 50x4x10
Tri Rope Pulldown - 30x4x10

3/11 - Light Chest & Bi
Bench Press - 180x6, 160x8,190x4, 160x7
Dumbbell BP - 60x3x10, 40x20
Incline Dumbbell Press - 50x3x10, 35x20
Decline Dumbbell Press - 50x3x10
Medium height Cable Fly - 15x3x15, 5x40
EZ Bar Curl - 20x3x25
Rev Grip EZ Bar Curl - 20x3x25

3/12 - Light Back Day
Deadlift - 290x3x5
Lat Pulldown - 100x3x10
Dumbbell Row - 35x2x10 Top ROM focus. 50x2x10 Low ROM Focus
Face Pull - 35x3x10
Cable Delt Fly - 10x4x12
Dumbbell Shrugs - 50x3x10
25 minute treadmill with 8 minute jog

Congratulations on significant weight loss and discipline!

Thank you very much. I’m going to do my best to get somewhere, eventually! lol

…we interrupt this log due to the corona virus… will continue once the world is somewhat normal…

The world is somewhat back to normal… Working 12 hr days and not enough off days to really keep working out the way I was. Will update what I am doing though and when…

DB Flat Bench Fly - 25x4x15
Incline DB Bench Press - 40x3x12
Skull Crusher - 30x4x15
Tricep Cable Pulldown (Bar Attachemnt) - 44x4x10
Decline DB Press - 35x4x10
Flat Bench DB Press - 45x4x12
Cable Fly. 2 High, 2 Low - 22x2x10

Cable Row - 100x3x10
EZ Bar Curl - 30x3x25 (Done in 21’s fashion, just moved to 10)
Conc Curl - 20x3x10
Deadlift - 200x1x10, 220x1x8, 250x1x6, 200x1x10
Hammer Curl - 20x3x10
DB Row - 35x2x10, 45x2x8
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown - 85x2x10
V Bar Lat Pulldown - 85x2x10
Narrow Grip Lat Pulldown - 85x2x10
Rev Grip EZ Bar Curl - 30x3x15
Bent Over Row - 70x3x8

Smith Machine Shoulder Press - 80x3x10
DB Shoulder Press - 40x1x10
Military Press - 25x4x10
OH Tricep Extension - 35x4x12
Seated Lateral Raise - 15x4x10
Front DB Raise - 15x4x10
Shrug - 55x4x10
Tricep Pulldown - 35x4x10
Skull Crusher to Narrow Grip Chest Press
Reverse Fly - 55x3x10
Front Plate Raise OH - 10lb 80 reps
Rev Grip EZ Bar Curl - 20x4x25

Lat Pulldown - 85x3x10
Single Arm Row - 35x2x10
Cable Face Pull - 35x3x10
Rear Delt Fly - 10x3x10
Shrug - 50x3x10

DB Bench Press - 55x3x10
Cable Fly - Mid - 15x3x15
Decline DB Bench Press - 45x3x10
Incline DB Bench Press - 45x3x10
Reg Grip EZ Bar Curl - 20x3x25
Rev Grip EZ Bar Curl - 20x3x25

6-05-2020 - Walked 3 mi, Brisk pace 47 minutes
6-06-2020 - Walked 2 mi, jogged 1 mi, Brisk pace 43.5 minutes

Had shoulder surgery in December… Got back in the Gym in March… 2 weeks ago fell and busted my hand… This is what I did the last time in the gym…

Chest Press Machine
4 sets x 10 reps - 50lb

Preacher Curl - Machine
3x10 - 40
1x20 - 40
Used an alternating 5 sec down, 10 sec up first three sets for as many reps as I could…

Tri - extension - Machine
3x10 - 70
1x20 - 70
Used an alternating 5 sec down, 10 sec up first three sets for as many reps as I could…

Pec Dec Fly
3x10 - 75
1x15 - 75

Rows - Machine
4x10 - 80

Triceps Press Down Machine
4x10 - 85

At different points I could feel my shoulder barking. Once my hand starts healing more, I will continue on that path with lower weights and work my way back up. I’m looking to do that 3 or 4 times a week until I feel I can start using more free weights. I’ll add leg press and calf raises on the leg press machine twice a week… Look for 20 - 40 minutes of a walking incline treadmill each time in the gym… Not where I wanna be, but it is where I am at since laying off due to shoulder injury and surgery… Will update as I go…