Swan and Extreme Makeover.

Any thoughts on these two reality shows?

the decline of america.

No offense man but this only goes to show…

  1. Most of America has nothing better to do.
  2. Television writers have no creativity.
  3. Is it any wonder we are an obese nation?
  4. How many shows can you watch where people are glamorously treating one another like shit for $$$?
  5. Just more proof that televised executions are probably not that far down the road.
  6. I leave conversations hanging that begin with “did you see [insert any number of coma brained reality shows here] last night?”
  7. Only electricity and motorized travel seperate us from the last days of Rome and Caligula.
  8. Do we even know how to spell ‘morals’ or ‘decency’ anymore?
  9. Now we know why Johnny can’t read.
  10. And to think, Janet showing nip=bad, but buxom idiot blonde earning $$ by eating dog crap in tub of horse urine=okay by FCC standards…



I said it before:

I support any show that tells people they are so ugly that they are going to pay to for cosmetic surgery.

Seriously, they have helped people who have had a deformity, who couldn’t pay to correct their problem, and at least some are starting to exercise. I would prefer to see a T-mag makeover, where they actually lose fat because they exercised, and dieted right. Not just because they had it sucked out.

I do dislike some of the information given out on these shows though, and the idea of a quick fix.

I have nothing against plastic surgery, but I believe as little should be done as possible in the way of surgery, and as much as possible done in the way of diet and exercise, first.

Also they are using the best plastic surgeons around. Many plastic surgeons are really not that good. I have seen plastic surgery on TLC where a person was so happy he spent $8,000 to lose 8 lbs. And it left his stomach looking deformed. I kept thinking he could have saved the money and spent 2 weeks on a fat fast diet, and had better results.

There were, what… 300 years of Rome post Caligula? Kinda hard to call those the “last days.”

I’m getting my nose reshaped in a couple weeks. Damn hockey sticks to the face.

T-mag needs a show called “extreme T over” where the editors and coaches take a fat newbie and shred him/her up or a skinny 18 year old and pack 20 pounds on him. :]

Remember most of these shows on American TV are stolen from TV shows in other countries

“Hungry to Hulk in 12 weeks”

"T-Mag needs a show called “extreme T over” where the editors and coaches take a fat newbie and shred him/her up or a skinny 18 year old and pack 20 pounds on him. "

-May I suggest Tijuana as the location?

This way he discovers his manhood in more ways than one :wink:

Actually, they have one of these of sorts in the “PROJECT EVOLUTION,” we are still awaiting the results though.

Chris, any news on when you all are going to be publishing the end result of Nicks evolution? Last I recall you said you submitted it.

I wish I could get an extreme makeover.

I want to be taller, more muscular, shape a little off the nose, remove some extra bodyhair, etc.

I love Extreme Makeover, but hate The Swan. Why?

EM takes ugly freaks that can’t fit in. Swan takes normal, to semi-ugly people.

The Swan producers pick the semi-ugly to normal so the makeover creates beauty models. The EM producers pick people that really need it. So they can blend in and not be ostracized in society.

I love the Swan…it goes to show that $50,000 worth of surgery helps but can’t make you good looking. At the end it’s the make-up job and the hair extensions that make the women look different. The ending is all the same…they have their hands over their mouth and slowly bring them down and reply ‘I’m beautiful’(not). And the host says ‘You are beautiful’. It’s a real train wreck.