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SwampThing Log

Well heck I guess im jumping on the bandwagon. I work offshore and have no one to train with for advice, also in the past I havn’t been able to get into the habit of keeping a food or exercise log so, mabey you guys can help me out with that.

I will start off with the goals and what I plan to use this thread to accomplish. One of the main things I want to acquire is some form of accountability. The other thing is a log ( Obviously ) that I can use to track my progress. I also plan on using the log so I can develope some sort of program, since if you can’t remember what you did last time its hard to repeat it.

I’m of average height, probably somewhere around 5’6 and I weigh 258 Lb’s and its not all LBM. I’ve been training consistantly for the past 3 months, but have just recently started to fix my eating habits. I started training as an effort to just live healthier, with no real goals other than that. That being said I really have no goals other than being healthier, and weight lifting is the only exercise I have been able to enjoy so far. Now im at the point where I feel bad if I miss a workout. My diet mostly consist of proteins and fats.

I plan on, when I get back into town, going to see a Doc and getting bloodwork done to determine certain perameters like cholesterol and other things. I will post those on the site as well. I will put a pic as well so you guys can visually see the progress, and point things out as I go along. Then of course I will get bloodwork rechecked every 3 months and put pics every month.

All that being said I guess its time to stop talking and get on with the doing part, so tomorrow I will make a post with what I ate and did in the gym today.

sorry i didn’t read your post at all, but swamp thing is a good band.

Never heard the band, but I live in lousiana and work in the oil field so the name seemed to fit.

Anyways ok here is my first update.

Yesterday I ate.

6 oz. Fish = 250 cals. Well my measurements are inexact so im adding like 50 cals to err on the side of too much. But it was just 2 filets, relatively small size.

2 cup collard greens = 30 cals? seems low.

2 eggs scrambled. = 200 cals
3 pieces of bacon. = 109

1 Steak. mmm good. 9oz. not lean so im guessing I add 50 cals per serving? according to the site im using thats 900 cals

1 cup baked beans 266 cals and wow 52 carbs =(

1 cup broccoli 20 cals

That totals up to 1775. somehow I think thats got to be wrong. oh well if you have suggestions post them.

I got my workout in the morning. I first ate

1 filet of fish, 6 oz? 334 cals
1 cup collard greens = 30 cals.

Ok workout was
DB press
1x6 @ 50 lbs or 100.
2x6 @ 65 or 135
1x6 @ 55 ( dropped )

DB external Rotation 4x6 @ 15 lbs
Upper arms were unsupported and I rotated forward.

Bent lat rows
2x6 @ 60 LB’s
1x6 @ 50 LB’s
1x6 @ 45 LB’s
Had to drop since I started using my whole upper body instead of my back.

Machine Fly’s
3x6 @ 90lb’s
Didnt get 4th set.

Lat Pulls
4x6 @ 120

DB external Rotation
4x6 @ 20 lbs ( Arms supported and rotating across my chest.)

4x10 @ 90 LB’s Went with a light weight and increased reps since I had never done them before.

4x6 @ 45 lb’s

Post workout Nutrition
2 scoops 100% whey in a glass of milk.


3 eggs = 300 cals
3 pieces of bacon = 109 cals


1 filet of fish = 300 Cals
1 cup squash = 102 Cals
1 bananna = 105 cals
1 can grapefruit juice = ??

Did you know there are 6 different types of squash? All with different amounts of calories. Who’da thunk. How important is it to be EXACTLY correct on keeping track of calories? If any of you have experience with this and my numbers seem way outta whack please let me know.

If you’ve been reading this, and are interested in keeping up It’s been moved to a blog


I will not be carrying the past days to the blog.