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Swallowed Poison, Please Help

I tend to believe that humans are lazy and self serving

agreed, but taking away a vice is easier than correcting flawed human nature

I was addressing your statement about alcohol itself being evil; not discussing a means to solve the situation. I actually find it self correcting.

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Flawed human nature makes taking away a vice impractical - which of the flawed humans gets to decide what and how to address, and what are their personal motivations?

Anyway, I’ve gone too far in a forum not built for this discussion.


Maybe so, but at least the derail improved the thread.


I disagree…the points are valid in that this is a poison thread.

I appreciate all’ya’alls viewpoints on alcohol, etc

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Health anxiety is a greater enemy (poison) than ashwaganda.


Nothing she was a horrible person truly I memeber she would pull pranks on me when I was kid like being me to adoption agency just to see me cry and in pain

Tell me my dog was dead

She pulled knives on me threatening to kill me told me she hated me

Horrible person!

I’m kinda glad she is gone

But of course not having a loving mother in my life really screwed with my head trust for people and just overall optimism for life

I am a deeply religious man and just hope through all this suffering I get eternal life when my day comes

Now I come on here looking for advice and still nobody has told me I that pill did not absorb not possible if u threw it up whole

Again not giving me the reinsurance I need

Just further making my quilty of life terrible! And mental state hell

Calling me mentally ill when I have been diagnosed as perfectly mentally cabable

In response to this, write out the exact words you would like to hear that would reassure you and put your mind at ease.

This is very important.

How about something like u threw the whole pill up so there is no way possible any of it got in ur system

U will be 100 percent fine guaranteed

But now I’m scared somehow a lil bit of powder somehow got out the pill in my system now im screwed

Ok. Now tell yourself this until you believe it.


I see college is starting to work it’s magic :grin:

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Keep in mind parties at my school involve doing math problem on walls…
I’ve never been to one- or stayed up past 10flr that matter



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You’re not going to let that go are you … :joy:

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Just tryin to help here…

That ship sailed a long time ago, buddy. Regardless of the outcome of this pill incident, being “fine” is not in your future.

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Its just like how everybody remembers the drink that made them throw up real bad.

Mine just happens to include an esophagus and a coma.:face_vomiting:

Why so! U do realize there is no such thing as mental illness it’s all made up according to one doctor I seen and the shrink who says people love to gaslight instead of help

And for u too say something so negative Is beyond me

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OP I know you said you’ve received medical help, but maybe you haven’t seen the right doctor. This guy may be able to help:

I seen the bets dam shrink in Boston 50 year experience awards graduation from Harvard if he says I’m fine then

I know I’m fine explain the guy claiming ashwanganda ruined his life is he mentally ill cause he has a whole YouTube channel we’re he seems perfectly mentally stable