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Swallowed Poison, Please Help

Well did u see that article I posted that guy is famous for spreading the dangers of ashwanganda!

Now I’m worried somehow a lil powder got out the pill into my stomach and now I’m gonna have blunted emotions and
Permanent erectile dysfunction

Even though I threw the pill up whole

Honestly, those are a hell of a lot better than what you currently have. I’d just sit back, relax, and pray the pill works.

This has to one of the most bizarre threads this year.


I was bored since the transformation challenge is over, this gave me a good chuckle. The guy is clearly :smiling_imp:’ing.

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Permanent erectile dysfunction is better than what I have! People are sick stop gaslighting if medical person told me I am mentally fit than why are u insisting that I have mental illness

Good to see you’re now bringing your medical questions here, to where the belong - the TNation Forum. When I had an unusual rash, rather than call my Dr., I posted a pic of it right here. Sure, I grossed a few people out and the Mods shut the thread down pretty quick, but not before I got some good advice from Paul Carter. Cleared it right up.

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He’s shown real expertise in diagnosing harlequin phallus


They suck at driving as well…


Thats a terrible loss.

What was your favorite thing about her?

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This is something that tons of people use regularly. You will be fine. I’m not an expert on the stuff but I think you will find more articles talking about it being safe than the opposite. Or at least enough to not draw a conclusion. It seems like you stumbled on an article and assumed that was the be all end all nothing in that is inaccurate? Looks like a lot of it is anecdote as well (admittedly I skimmed).

You should be researching any supplement you are taking before buying it. Do so moving forward so you won’t have these reactions. Best of luck with your physical and mental health.

yes, you should “Retake orals if I vomit”

WTF is this thread

Ashwaghanda isn’t poison. People have been taking it for literally thousands of years. Personally, I’ve been taking a serving a day for over a year now and have yet to experience any negative consequences.

In fact, it seems to help mellow me out (could be placebo though)

I agree with your conclusion, but to be fair, people have been licking toads, doing mushrooms, and drinking alcohol for thousands of years - all poison.

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this is one I really really wish would go away…

Fixed it for ya!


As I always love a good derail, why?

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Alcohol is evil

It has the highest social, economic and health cost of any drug (although opioids and meth aren’t too far behind) and, more personally, most of the men on my mum’s side are abusive, useless pieces of shit because of it\

I’m lucky because I seem to have a bad allergy/intolerance + I’m a woman so I’ll never be pressured into drinking


I can’t completely disagree with you, but I tend to put the blame on the individual vs the vice. If you meant you wish everyone would wise up and not be an alcoholic, more as an idealistic wish, I get you. If it’s more we should ban alcohol, I can’t get onboard - those slopes are just far too slippery.

Anyway - I appreciate your thoughts!


Humans are evil.

Alcohol is amoral.