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Swallowed Poison, Please Help

Took a probiotic last night realized it had ashwanganda and reading all the horror stories about ashwanganda

I threw it up immediately!

So scared it still got absorbed I compare next to fresh pill

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“Swallowed poison please help”

By poison you mean a probiotic with ashwanganda in it.

Something millions of people across the globe take every day to no ill effect.

You are physically fine in regards to any potential effect of that pill.

But I strongly encourage you to go see your GP and work on a mental health care plan. Because I think there might be something percolating underneath the surface. A neurosis or two.

Yah I’ve seen so many shrinks I actually meat with one atleast once a month to clear my mind

After reading this I’m freaking out

This guys says he it ruined his life!

So worried that pill somehow got in my system and I’m screwed now

Well the most benign of substances can have lethal reactions in certain people.
Your fine. Go take a shower. Listen to some alpha waves. Meditate. Your amygdala is playing tricks on your mind.

You were screwed before taking it.


Do you normally slam pills then google them afterwards?

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No I had been taking probiotics and didn’t realize it had ashwanganda just thought it was the same one!

Got a different batch! Threw it it up within minutes of realizing what I did

Glad your safe man. Be sure and flush that stuff so you don’t kill any mischievous kids or homeless people.

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Are u sure I’m safe?

did u look at the picture of me throwing the pill up

Can u guarantee none it got absorbed and I will be fine so worried going insanse

and yes I through the whole 60 dollar bottle out(garden of eden)!

PleSe brother if ur gonna be negative just don’t comment go through enough shit on a day to day basics just lost my mother recently!

Life has been hell

Doesn’t this mean you’re in agreement with me?

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Yes, and your form is awful. Keep the weight on your heels, and don’t flare your elbows. Dude, you’re screwed if that’s the best you got.


What form and that was long time ago i squat close to 600 now

Dude I lost my mom
Give me a break

You have the deepest condolences I can offer. Please seek the assistance of someone trained in matters of human psychology and do not leave this in the hands of amateurs. I would also seek the aid of a trained pharmacologist and endocrinologist and stop experimenting with drugs were I in your situation.


Dude I hear this non stop go see a physiologist but I have seen several see go out to eat with one once a month! No help

And that has nothing to do with my question is that pill that I threw up gonna screw me over?

Is it possible that it still got absorbed

I also called poison control but the lady on the phone was such a ditzy I had to hang up as most female customer service is terrible!

It’s not an instant process. And the alternative is worse.

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Why would I need to see a shrink I have been diagnosed as perfectly healthy in terms of mental illness why are u gaslighting me

Let the experts be the one to say what I need because


Good luck.

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As others have said, you will be fine.

If you aren’t trolling, please seek professional help, again as others have stated. This is not a healthy reaction.