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Svetlana Podobedova










That is all.


I'll be rooting for Nadezda Evstyukhina in London. All I gotta say.


I would bang this beastly woman in a second. My favorite female lifter.


im sorry but she looks like a transvestite...


Yea, that is a no go.


Yes. Yes I would. She is also my fav woman lifter.


The fact that she has twice as much test in her system than I do means nothing to me. NOTHING.


That is like me saying this is beautiful...


Now this is more like it


chicks failing their lift?



i think she looks great in the third and fourth shot... and she looks great in some of the youtube clips i've seen... but in some others i'm getting the tranny vibe, too. i think the more recent stuff is worse? something about the jawline... and i'm not sure why the worse the jawline gets the more elaborate people get with the long painted nails and dangly earrings and makeup... doesn't help their case at all IMHO.

actually maybe it isn't the jawline... it is something, though, not quite sure.


Sibel Simsek is one of my top choices:



Nah, naught to do with a chick failing a lift.. although, now you mention it... I love it when they fail their lifts. Should have stayed in the kitchen! :stuck_out_tongue:

In all seriousness though, look at that glimpse of a smile. Gorgeous.


Yeah, I actually don't think she's very photogenic; she's a lot more endearing in video.


This is turning into SAMA for olympic lifters haha.

I also find it interesting how in most discussions about attractive female weightlifters that video/picture of Marilou Dozois-Prevost from Beijing tends to come up sooner or later.


lol yeah

Svetlana is a world champ, Marilou is very good but she will likely barely make an Olympic slot, and only because she dropped down to the 48s. If I had magic powers and could choose I'd take Svetlana's look and medals =D