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SUV Family Chased By Bikers




I can't tell clearly by the videos... but let me take a wild guess: Black Bikers/White Couple?

(And you've posted "MSLM" sources...so I GUESS at least they are covering the incident, right?)



I have been following this story as well. I feel that the SUV driver was justified in the way that he reacted. There are other videos on Live Leak of how these douchebags were driving throughout the city. They were asking for trouble and it found them.


Here is a link to the other videos:


I recall hearing about dirt bikes in groups and such running from the NYPD a little over 1 year ago, I guess it has really progressed into something.

Anyhow, this is fucked up


Considering the other videos , them beating his window in with a helmet while iirc his family is in the SUV he should have just put it in reverse and took them out.


I've seen either this group or others like it many times riding through the Bronx. They ride on the wrong side of the road, street illegal dirt bikes, ATVs (also not legal in NY), and generally doing stupid shit. The also act like a bunch of blowhards.

That said, if you just mind your business, they just move along. I've had many car drivers pass me in the same lane, I've been bumped off the road, people driving within a couple of feet, and all kinds of shit that is super dangerous.


From what I gathered the whole mess started when one of the bikers clipped the guys front end switching lanes being an idiot. When he stopped the others got aggressive so he left. They pinned him in a couple times he escaped by running over a bike or two in one instance, in another they caught him. The only fault I hold with the SUV is not driving aggressively enough. They are on bikes, he should have been bashing them all over the road when they decided to give chase. I just wish he would have had a pistol and split the dude that bashed in the windows head open. And before this gets turned in to a black and white thing look at the video. The bikers are black, white, and Hispanic so they are multi racial thug idiots.


The guy who got clipped was brake checking the SUV. But why? They don't usually outright harass people. They're dicks, but usually just end up fucking themselves up.

And I think from when the video starts, the SUV made the right move. It's not a good idea to run over people chasing you, unless you enjoy prolonged litigation. Best bet is to find a police station (NYC, most likely not carrying), but somewhere it states he had his tires slashed at the original altercation.


The SUV driver broke a biker's legs attempting to flee. He used his SUV as a deadly weapon in self-defense. He was has not been charged with anything and rightfully so imo.

Imagine, if after the one biker broke through his window with his helmet, the SUV driver grabbed a shotgun from his backseat and shot his face off. Or he grabbed a .45 from the glove box and shot him in the face. Then what?


The world would be a better place.

I don't remember where I read this and I cant find it now, but I read that the altercation started preceding the video when a motorcycle was clipped by the SUV during a lane change by the bike. They then proceeded to try to stop the vehicle. As I said, as far as that man knew he was fighting for his life against multiple attackers and his best weapon was his automobile. He should have used it to max effect and taken out as many assailants as possible.


I agree they were driving like douchbags before....but do not agree that the driver was completely right because we can't see what happened or the words exchanegd after the suv hit the back of one of the bikes.

Look, I used to ride constantly and people in cars often act like they are literally trying to run you over.

The suv hit the bike and then ran over other bikes and people.

You ONLY fault the motorcycle riders?



he used his car as a deadly weapon when he first hit the other biker and then ran off running over other bikes and people.


All I know is that the bikers by all accounts, started the physical altercation (regardless of what was said) by slashing tires and beating on the car with helmets. If I have my two year old and wife in the car, I am fleeing that scene as well. If they proceed to give chase, I am going to use whatever I have at my disposal to defend myself, which is my car. I think that's a pretty open and shut deal as to where 100% of the blame for the ensuing turmoil lies.

Also, I agree with you about people in cars a lot of times can be dicks to motorcycles for no apparent reason. I used to ride as well. But the flip side of that is the douches on bikes who weave in an out like maniacs, treating the road as their own little playground obstacle course which appears to be what was going on here.


All I can say is I would be highly pissed and would get off my bike and approach a driver if THEY FUCKING HIT ME IN THE BACK OF MY BIKE WHILE DRIVING.

Call me crazy.

if that person then runs off and hits other bikes and people....don't you fault that guy?


I do only fault the bikers. The driver of the Range Rover was brake checked by the biker in front of him after the biker cut him off and he was surrounded by bikes. He bumped the bike in front of him and then stopped. At that point his vehicle was surrounded and the mob began attacking his vehicle. What should he have done?


As a rider, I sort of agree. The SUV may or may not have done something prior to the accident.

But the bikers were smashing the SUV and slashed the tires after he stopped. At that point, the prudent move is to GTFO. Since they brought the violence, it's hard to fault the SUV for responding.





The initial bump caught on video was initiated by the biker apparently in an effort to stop the SUV after a lane changing incident prior to the recording. The bikers on video then proceeded to attack his car with their helmets causing him to flee which is when he then used his vehicle as a deadly weapon to escape.


Uh, that means you don't drive that fucking close to a MOTORCYCLE while driving an suv unless you are trying to kill them!!!

I have had that happen to me. The guy in the SUV is being a fucking douche and threatening my life if he rides my ass like that.