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Sutebun's Log

2014 marks a new year of training. It finds me leaving the gym and heading back to the roots of my training which means I’ll be training in my own space.

More precisely, training in my own 200ish square foot room.

Okay, and sometimes in the park. I live on the second floor, so deadlift days will be done outside.

Here’s the synopsis

27 years old
5’10" 178cm
lean 75-79kg
Powerlifting/Strength log
Average lifts: 167.5/110/165 belt/raw/belt gym/gym/meet
Training 5 times a week plus GPP most mornings
Minimalist training with shitty equipment.

There will be pics of deadlifts and behind the neck jerks being done in the park.

I am going to get 190/140/200 in 2014. This isn’t a goal. It’s an expectation.
I want to be a lean 83kg. I’ll post my nutrition strategies and probably some pics every month or so.

Focus on driving up my low bar squat, paused bench, Deadlift, deficit deadlift, front squat, and behind the neck jerks.

Supplemental lifts and volume work include variations of said lifts. Some very light accessory work for mobility and staying healthy.

Linear type of progression similar to Coan’s old style of beginning with 10s and slowly dropping reps and upping intensity every week. Wrote my own programming but it is heavily influenced by Sheiko (I’ll be working in 4 week blocks) and exercise selection/approach is probably influenced by the month I spent with Mike Tuchscherer writing my programming.

[quote]Sutebun wrote:
farmer walks with 20kg plates
one armed barbell farmer walks @ 50kg.

Low Bar Squat 100kg 10r4s
1 Count Bench 75kg 10r3s 9r1s

light jogging and stretching/ab work

Deadlift 90kg 10r4s
Slow Descent TnG Sumo 50kg 10r2s
One and Half Front Squats 50kg 3r5s

rest. some walking in morning with 7kg chain around shoulders

fast paced jogging for 25 minutes. Stretching/mobility work afterwards

Low bar Squat
110kg 5r1s 8r1s
100kg 10r1s

1 Count Bench
85kg 5r1s 8r1s
75kg 10r1s

10cm Deficit Deadlifts 70kg 3r10s
Chest Supported Row
20kg plate 10r, 20r, 25r
Ab work between sets.


[Monday Squats were actually done across a few sets because my barbell slips off like crazy during high rep sets.]
[Low bar form is slowly getting dialed in. Huge improvement on form comparing thursday and monday.]
[Awkward bench equipment and bringing in grip have made high rep sets hard. But getting stronger. Maybe it’s good to take sometime with “more difficult” equipment and go back to easier versions. Will be interesting to see.]
[Deadlifts were much easier than expected. Think I made a breakthrough in form thanks to the deficit pulls.]
[The barbell farmer walks were a major failure…need to lighten up OR make a handle OR just wait until I’m stronger]

This was week 1. Wanted to gauge the first numbers I picked and see how it went…Tried to keep extra work low. Originally planned 5 days a week but honestly I think a day of rest does me good. Gonna check my notes again and decide what exactly I want to do. But will likely follow:

Monday - Squat/Bench
Tuesday - Deadlift/Front Squats
Wednesday Rest
Thursday - Squat/Bench
Friday - Deficit Pulls/Back

Not including supplemental/assistance work…just the meat of it.