Sustunon 250 and D-bol

I recently scored 16 amps of Sustunon 250 and 200 D-bol [ 5 sided pink guys] and I was wondering how much to take and are they dangerous to get gyno I’ve done Omnadren 250 before and had good results but would like some other opinions since I’ve blown some cash to get this stuff and would like the best results possible thanks any info would be appreciated.

i would recommend that you use about 7 tabs/day of the Anabol and 4 amps weekly of the Sustanon. Also recommend the use of Clomid-- 1-2tabs/day!! Hope this helps,–Holzs

you have enough sustanon for 2 amps a week or 500mg. that should do good. i would use the dbol for the first 4 weeks at 35mg/day or 7 tabs. right now i’m doing pretty much the same cycle. i’ve done 3 injections of 500mg of sustanon (every 6th day) and doing 25mg/day of anabol for the first 3 weeks. in just two weeks i’ve gained 14 lbs. i’m pretty satisfied.