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Sustenon to Continue My Cycle?

Would Sustenon 250 be a good choice to continue my cycle? I started with Test cyp 250 for 5 weeks but my source is out of it. He says its better. What do you guys think? Need to do 5 more weeks. If so please advise hoe to use.
Currently do 250 every 4 days.


Sust is my least favorite but it will do. Sust needs to be pinned EOD though.

do u get more test outa sust or test e ? heard for 100 grams of test e u get 72 g of test…

How many ml should I pin eod to achieve the same results? I was doing 1cc of 250 test cyp every 4 days.

Any advise would be helpful…

It’s basic math

[quote]BUDs wrote:
It’s basic math [/quote]
Its a little different compound and i’m new to this so I thought I would ask people with experience. But thanks for going out of your way to include such detail.