Sustenon Questions

So this is my first post here. Thank you for taking the time to read it. This is my first cycle of testosterone and just had a couple of questions. I’ll start with stats

27 years old
187 pounds
training for 7 years maybe 8

I work a very physically demanding job where I am rough framing houses so I am basically “working out” or active 8 hours a day no matter. Also being summer and working outside I sweat a lot.

Typical diet.
On my drive to work between 5am and 620am I drink an Isopure protein shake, eat a bananna, and eat an Oh yeah protein bar and a monster.

At breaktime at 10:00am I have the most amount of jumbalaya I can fit into my tupperware (Kielbasa sausage, rice, tomato), bananna, yogurt with granola, oh yeah bar and protein shake.

At 3:00pm on my drive home i eat 2 mcdoubles and 2 mcchickens (1500 calories, 80 protein lol) thats how i justify the mcdonalds.

Before gym at 6 ish i eat Chicken, yogurt, and a banana

after gym at 8:30 I eat about 12 ounces of steak or chicken, 2 cups rice, small salad, 2 pieces of bread and a potato, with a protein shake to wash it down.

About 3 times a week I have like 2 beers before bed to help me wind down.

My supplements are
Orange Triad
Dha fish oils
osteo sport
hgh 2.5 iu ed
sustenon 325. 650 a week. 1/2 cc eod
tamoxifen 20 ed

I started the hgh on June 2nd I think and have been using 2.5 iu 5 times a week. I noticed slow but quality body recomping results.

I also ran a bottle of equipoise with it for the first month till I ran out.

Now here come my questions. SO started on Sus exactly 5 weeks ago today at 650 a week except for the first week where i took double. I have gotten considerably stronger, up 50 pounds on bench. My arms have also went from 15.25 inches to 16.5 inches which I can tell I do look a little bigger. What worries me is I have not gained any weight. My sex drive is not sky high like it was before i started the nolva ( a question im asking even though i think I know the answer). I also read it takes 6 weeks for sustenon to fully hit some people. But is it normal to not have any weight change after 5 weeks? Is that because I have just not put on any water weight due to the hgh and nolva? And in my 6th week il start adding weight? Maybe I’m just impatient and paranoid?

I would also like to mention i have slightly cut back on my training volume recently because i think im not gaining weight due to overtraining.

Any feedback would be appreciated thanks

You should be taking an ai aromatase inhibitor like arimidex / anastrozole, aramasin / exemestane. Aromatase converts testosterone to estradiol.

Tamoxifen is a SERM. That you don’t know this is troubling.

I have the arimadex. But I have had a a small case of gyno since high school and as soon as that started to flare up I started using the tamoxifen and it stopped it. So that is what I have been sticking with for the rest of the cycle.

Your diet isn’t the best.

You probably haven’t put on weight because your not eating enough either and being a framer you more than likely are burning through what you eat. I work a physical demanding job as well and even at 5000 cals a day I stay fairly lean.

Thanks bud. That’s exactly why I posted my diet. I figured it just is not enough calories. I would like to add though up until I started the milk, my diet was very clean. My wife is a figure competitor and I pretty much just eat whatever she makes. The reason I changed this while on the milk was just to up my calories easier. also on my two hour ride home from work i would rather eat something crappy instead of nothing. Eating my jumbalaya would be too hard while driving.

Do you think I should just throw in another protein bar or peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a protein shot between my start of work and when we take lunch? Or just man up and eat till I feel like Im going to throw up. Even though I kind Of do this allready. What do you eat while your working thats easy to eat and doesnt interfere with your job?

One last question. It is very apparent that I have lost bf% and become leaner while putting on a decent amount of muscle mass. Is it possible that the weight I lost from my fat and the weight gained from my muscle are equal? That would explain my body composition change and the scale staying the same. Has anyone heard of this happening before?

One last thing I just remembered. During my second week on, it got really hot outside and I lost about 5-6 pounds (from sweat). I was lucky one guy on my crew lost 12 pounds. Anyway it took a week to put that back on, but have been stuck at my original weight for like 10 days. Thanks for any feedback.

Turkey sandwiches are good, I usually pack a few for the day with all my other food.

Breakfast is a little weak too

Find some inexpensive bcaa’s and add that in wherever you can. It’s easy to put supplements in water when a solid meal is out of the question.

Muscle is expensive.

yeah bro, your job is killing you being outside as hot as it is, its hard to gain mass, try to do bulking during the cooler months and cutting during the summer. I know that doesn’t help now, but …theres always next year. I had to cut almost all my cardio to gain some mass ( I am on sustanon and deca) but I kinda need the cardio, me and Buds may have similar careers, if BUDs is what I think it is, and yes I eat 5000 a day and gains are hard.

If you could switch out beer with a red wine (* preferably a red merlot which has less sugar than some other red wines) which is better for your testosterone levels and has the added benefit of the natural phenol resveratrol.

Chugging wine or any alcohol can tank your T levels, not boost them. So don’t over do it and stick to a glass or two. Happy lifting.



Another protein idea that doesn’t require preparing meal is taking the blue green algae spirulina in your drinks. 57 grams of protein in 100 grams of spirulina.

thanks for the great advice. I will be looking at getting some of the algae stuff you were talking about. I do know the alcohol is bad. I will be cutting it out completally when I add the dbol into the cycle. Just waiting for my guy to say its in. If I don’t get that within the next week or so will just settle for the 2.5 bottles of hdrol i got laying around. Either way when the orals start I won’t touch a drop of alcohol.

You could Try a weight gainer.

I would change up you breakfast for starters. I make 3 turkey sandwhiches that I eat in between my bigger meals. Easy to munch down real quick and get back to work. You can even cut them in halfs too.

Try eating a good breakfast before you leave for work, then eat right when you get to the job then throughtout the day in between lunch and when you get home eat those sandwhiches. I also bring little snack stuff, individual packets of raw almonds, trail mix, some protein bars and a protien shake. I always make sure I have plenty of food.

Also like Dog said, bcaas can be good in between meals.

Everyone on the job laughs at me for how much food I bring.

Ive been trying to eat more the past few days. And guess what. I am up about 4 pounds since i weighed myself YESTERDAY. Thanks for all the help. I can feel the milk starting to work its magic.