Sustenon Question

From info i have gathered Sustenon is used medically for HRT. 1cc or 250mg is to be injected once every 10 to 14 days. The logic behind it is that the varying ester lengths create a balanced release of testosterone into the system. Prop, Iso, Phynyl, Deca all are released concurrently as the previous dissapates (sp), thus creating a stable blood level. If this is the case why can you not inject 1 gram of sustenon per week on the same day to create this same stable level.

I understand the reasoning behind the every other day injections because of the prop and its half life, but if the drug was meant to be released in this manner why can it not be done with a larger dose.

It could be… you would just then instead of injecting 1 shot eod(for eg) for 10 days, inject all 5 shots at once, and see how you like it.

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