Sustenon 250

I need info. on sustenon 250. It’s Use, pros/cons, side effects,anything and everything, can someone help me?

Best to be injected ed to make full use of the short acting prop and phenlyprop esters. But I don’t recomend it for shorter cycles i.e. 6-12 weeks. 100mg of each shot contains the decanoate ester which has a 15 day half life literally meaning that you could have excessive amounts of test in your system for up to 6 weeks past your last shot, hampering a speedy successful pct. P-22

its sides would basically be the same as every other test. i.e. water retention, estro conversion, etc. dollar for dollar i think sust is inferior to plain ole enanthate or cypionate. thats all i use anymore. i dont see much more in gains, one versus the other.

hey,Any idea how one should dose Test Enathate,also could it be combined with sust to include those decanoate,propionate and phenyl propionate esters.I was thinking of alternating between sustanon and test en on a daily basis.any suggestions

Your goal in any cycle is to get hormone levels to as stable a blood level as possible. By using too many esterfied steroids you hormone levels will be dipping and spiking causing all sorts of unwanted side effects, and taking away from your gains. I suggest you use an enantate, propinate, or cypionate ester, and leave it at that. Using the sustenon type formulations just over complicates things, especially when you begin mixing with other esters.

Speakin of different tests…I know prop has a really short half-life. I was reading up on 2 on, 2 off cycles and the concept behind it sounds good–be “on” all year round without affecting your natural test production. I was wondering if anyone had tried this, and what y’all would think of a cutter with the following:

1-2 75mg prop ED
75mg winstrol ED
40mg d-bol ED

then 2 weeks off, and repeat. Is this not even worth it? I know 2 weeks is short but I think any longer could shut me down.

help a brother out.

your using 2 class 2 steroids with test prop. I would recomend a class 1/class 2 combo of anavar and winstrol. The disadvantage of runnning an aromatisable steroid is dealing with the estrogen that will build up in your system. You must calculate the half lives meticulously so that the test is gone from your system by the end of the two weeks. Test prop has close to a 4 day half life so I personally think this is impossible. You will also as I said before have to deal with the estrogen. Nolva and clomid are an option but that would mean you would be on these compounds for a very long time, as you would want to stay on them even on your weeks off steroids to maximize your htpa production of Lh. An antiaromatitase could interfere with the htpa as well. The only drug I could see adding that would be of some benifit to the winstrol and anavar combo would be oral proviron. This would lend the ‘dht’ properties to your cycle without the estrogen and the need to block estrogen.

To conclude anavar and winstrol are two of the most least suppressive steroids to choose from. They are both anabolics anavar is class 1, winstrol class 2. There is no need to use clomid or nolva in the weeks off, as neither of these drugs aromatise. Although, nolva, and clomid may be useful as they raise test levels even in individuals who have not taken steroids, by virtue of the fact they block all estrogen from the ER of the htpa forcing the continued production of Lh.

Thanks alot for your help. I’ve never thought of doing a test-free cycle in the past, mostly because I was on for 8+ weeks. But it makes sense if I am only gonna be on for 2 weeks to try win/var.

I have a question though. Do you think it will be safe to run winstrol and var at 2 weeks on 2 weeks off? or would 4 weeks off be better for my natural test levels not to be affected? Also, how long do you think I could take the win before it would shut me down (more than 2 weeks)? What do you think about adding clen to the mix?

something like:

weeks 1-2
75mg win ED
40mg var ED (what’s the least i could take and still be able to see results?)
clen pyramid to 100mcg a day and back down within 2 weeks

2 (or 4) weeks off. How many times could I repeat this?

Thanks alot for your help, bro.

ja! anavar+winstrol, mr prisioner better than sustanon? ja ja again, see my body. never the same level. winstrol is for wimps. big? never!