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Sustenon 250 Cycle

I posted a message a few weeks ago, and got the response i needed. Ive decided to go with a cycle of sust 250. My goals dictate that i will need to be close to the gram range per week, but one question i cant seem to find the answer to is, when taking multiple shots of a roid(ie sus250) per week, should they be done all at once, in the same day or throughout the week…Obviously i want a happy balance between inhibition, and safety…also if im using sus250, will it be enough on its own, or should i throw some class II like d-bol or androsol in too to make up some of that 1 gram dose? finally using sus250 and androsol/d-bol for 8-10 weeks, how much on day one, and what style of cycle would be best? ie up/down, or constant… thanks! ps. yes im using clomid, but is hcg necessary too after?

Since sus stays with the body for a fairly long time i would say twice a week shots would work. if you are saying a gram a week, shoot 2cc’s on monday and 2cc’s on wednesday or thursday. if you are thinking about stacking with another substance, i would recommend nandrobolan deconate. these two are a pretty good combonation and work together as a synergist. it will also lessen the pain of the sus after the injections.

One thing to consider is that if you are using a gram total per week of steroids already, for example a gram of Sustanon, then you’re done, you certainly don’t need to add Androsol to that. But if the total steroid use is much lower, then Androsol would add to it.

HCG is useful mainly if testicle shrinkage has occurred or could be expected to occur because of the length of the cycle. Don’t do it the way most people say (huge shots of 5000 IU at a time) but instead use 500 IU per day or even just 500 IU every other day, or 250 IU per day, for maintenance. At most use 1000 per day but this is for fast regains, not maintenance.