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Sustenon 10ml vial

I am going to purchas some sustenon and the supplier has a version in 10ml vials. Is there such a thing if so who makes it what country is it produced in. I need some feedback so I can determine if it is real. All I know about is Ara-Test which has 200mg of Testosterone enanthate and 50mg of Testosterone propionate per ml in a 10ml vial. Thanks

Sorry cud, sounds fake. I’ve never heard of a sustenon that comes in a 10ml bottle. Sustenon usually comes in 1ml amps. I’ve only heard of Ttokkyo producing testovon in vials but only 5ml’s. Also, I’ve looked in three of my books and they didn’t state any companies producing 10ml vials. I think you should keep searching. Don’t get impatient, just hold out and make sure you get the real stuff. It’s worth it.