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Sustaplex 325


Quick question, I am running sustaplex 325. I am half way through my cycle. I am running .8 ml pinning twice weekly. I have five weeks left in the cycle. that will complete the full 12 weeks. I will be taking Adex for pct. I was wondering if it would benefit me to run .5 mg a day or everyother day right now of the Adex, or if I should just wait for the PCT? If I was to take .5 everyday, would this change what I am supposed to take for PCT?


You shouldn't use arimidex for PCT anyway, you need a SERM

You could take .25mg EOD or ED while on, but if you are halfway done with no issues then not sure if I would bother now


I im sorry it is anastrozole and it is a serm. I have been using the said does for most of the cycle, due to Early GYno. I no longer have symptoms, and i am hoping to achive a leaner dryer look by including this. Will this change what needs to be taken for PCT?


Anastrozole is not a SERM.

Read the SERM and AI sticky.


Arimidex is not a damn SERM.

Use google and stop wasting peoples time. Do some research about the drugs youre putting in your body


I have done some research. I am sorry it is not a serm. Your Right it is an AI. Your telling me I cant use this for PCT? I have read it helps natural test recovery and therefor is good to include in PCT as well as in a current cycle. Is this not a good thing to include in my PCT. I have some Tomax as well, I have heard that Tomax can decrease the blood levels of Adex and make it less effective. Is there something else I should include in the PCT. Like I said its not a heavy cycle. 520mg a week split into two injections. Im not trying to waste you ever so valuble time here,just looking for a little help on the subject.


Hey Bonez I respect your posts more then you know, and I know you know a ton about this shit. I am some normal guy just trying to get biggier I got lots to learn and happy to do it. My bad on the post like I said I know it is not a serm, just a little mixed up.


520mg per week isn't a 'light' cycle. What does 'light cycle' even mean? You're being suppressed with 520mg of steroids per week, there's no doubt about it.

Did you read the SERM and AI sticky at the top of the forum? You would have the answers to your questions if you did.

Threads like these are the reason people on here ALWAYS suggest thoroughly researching steroids BEFORE beginning your cycle.

In the meantime, though, start trying to get your hands on a SERM for your PCT since adex is not what you want for PCT. Please don't ask for a source, either.


I never said it was a "light cycle" I just said it was not the heaviest of cycles. Wy the hell you so pissed off anyway. I have done plenty of research on what I am using. I am new to all this, that is a true statment, not retarded though. It was a simple question. I understand Adex should not be ran solo for PCT. Dont need a source jack ass I have one. Would not want one from you anyway. Not super hard to find the shit. Its a freaking serm, not WMD's. I already have some shit on hand I will be using for PCT. Thanks for not helping at all. I guess I will not use any Adex during pct. I will stick with tomax only.


First of all, that wasn't a "pissed off" reply. Secondly, you said it wasn't a 'heavy cycle'...

Next, I don't know where you did your research, but had you spent an hour reading around this forum, you would have been able to come up with a test only cycle outline by yourself. It is clear from your first, second, AND third post you were painfully misinformed of how to run a cycle.

But anyway, you're welcome "for not helping at all."


I never asked you for help with my cycle. Maybe some PCT help, but not with my cycle. I like test, done some of that shit, just happened to run in to a few bottles of sustaplex. From what I have read, people seem to get good results. Never used a blend before, thought I would try one. I dont think my cycle is messed up, it works great for me. I have read a ton on hear and your right im sorry for the miss informed posts. I should have thought about how to address the problem better.Maybe a stupid question in hindsight.

Anyway, just thought a little help from someone that has lots more experiance then me with these substances would be helpful. I know you know tons about this stuff, there is a learning curve and im sure you have not always known what you know now. I have not done many cycles, i have a lot to learn, that is the soul reason I am here. Just could do with out the sarcastic bull shit ya know. Thanks anyway man, I guess you helped me a little.