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Sustanon250 Injection Pain


Hello Dears

I'm on .5cc Sust250 EOD. This is pharma grade stuff.
The pain is real bad. And I'm trying to use Quad's most of the time since self injecting Glute is pretty uncomfortable and also my right Glute has got a stiffness at the Inj. site even 5 days after the shot( it seems to be surfacing close to the skin with daily massage! ) There's no redness to the spot...just pain and d feeling of a lump. Let me wait a bit more and see if it's an infection or abscess! Hope i don't need to go to a Doctor:(

1. any pointers on reducing the pain by even a small amount?
2. What do you folks feel about the glute lump?

Take Care...


You can try to warm up your oil first by putting the bottle in a cup of warm water for a min first. Also inject slowly those 2 things seemed to help for me, or maybe I just got use to it. I also have gotten a lump I never worried about it and it went away in a couple days. Not sure what the cause of the lump was but mine was never that painfull.


Lumps can happen from high BA content and oil leaking subq. Try cutting it with sterile oil 1:1 if the above doesnt help. If that doesnt help maybe your body just doesnt like the short ester/the gear from your source.


its just UG gear man, a lot of people respond like that including myself. probably high BA but better that then bacteria right? push the lump in, if it leaves an indent of your finger its an abscess...if its hard then just a reaction to BA. anyways the gear is good. just put up with it and try to shoot your delts..that was you can at least walk around :wink:

I freaked a while ago and saw the doc, had to hear the whole spiel of how bad that shit is for you bla bla bla...know what I mean? sure enough she stuck a 16G in my buttcheek and pulled nothing out. if your think its an abscess stick a needle and aspirate..it will save you a trip to the docs and the stupid spiel


The pain is due to the benzyl alcohol content of your gear. And pharm grade tends to have a higher B.A. content than underground shit. Your sus prob has a high dose of prop which usually has high B.A. and is also a painful esther. If you are using any other gear draw it into the same syringe in hopes that your other stuff has a lower B.A. content and dilutes the sus. If not you are probably just going to have to tough it out.
Also, quads can be a pretty painful spot since they are constantly being used to walk, stand, etc. Injections with a larger needle tend to bruise muscle tissue (I assume you are at the minimum using a 21g) and the constant use of the muscle inflames the bruising.
As for the lump in the glute, you probably didn't get deep enough into the muscle and have some gear in the sub q. It can take a while to go away. And injections there can be very painful since the B.A. irritates the hell out of sub q fatty tissue. Try some delt injections and rotate sites laterally as frequently as possible. Good luck.


Is this your first cycle? If not, when was the last time you did a cycle. Sounds like virgin muscle pain to me.


Bonez, u r right. I'm injecting Test for d first time. Before I had used any only Deca cycle and that has been an year now. I guess that's d reason for pain in d quads. I finally got one of those Gel bags for Hot & Cold pack. I applied Hot pack on the older sites (left quad & right glute)... surely helps :slight_smile:

@DD, your glute point seems very valid to me...bcos of greater fat in the glute, i may not have reached deep enough. I remember reading that gear in the fat may take longer to release but never realised it's gonna get so funny...BTW i'm using the 23G 1.5inch. But i remember not putting in the whole needle while i did the glute shot. Good way to learn...ha...ha...


The hot pack & deep massage seems to be helping a bit. I guess i'll give it another couple days with this whole "therapy"...
The Doctor bit is really funny...i just can't imagine explaining gear to a Doctor...I had gone to this pretty old GP to get my blood work done. I guess because of the 5-6 egg yellows everyday my LDL was a bit high. So he was telling me stuff i need to avoid. And then i casually suggested that maybe i need to stop egg yellows. He says "Having 1-2 whole eggs in a week should be ok" period.


How are you getting sus through a 23g?? Are you heating it? Sus usually has some test e in it, and the oil used to suspend the esther for test e is pretty thick shit. I can't get sus through anything smaller than a 21g. Do you have to push really hard on the plunger? If so that could cause some pain.

This would be due to the oil coming out at really high pressure because the needle is so restrictive. Try a larger gauge so the gear can flow into the muscle instead of being jammed in there through the smaller needle.


This is all false.

The viscosity of the oil has nothing to do with the drug dissolved in it. The stuff you had may have been 'thick' for another reason, but it wasnt because of the drug. You cant make a blanket statement about "the oil" used for a test e solution* (not suspension). All diffrenent kinds of oil are used. With varying degrees of viscosity, though Im not sure you can even notice it when injecting (I could be wrong on that, I just dont know).

Further, Ive drawn oil based steroids through insulin syringes before. And injecting with an insulin syringe is no problem either. The physics of the the very small barrel and very small needle allow this to happen. Diameter of the plunger, length of the needle (most importantly), and guage all effect the flow. Obviously injecting is much easier than drawing, but it can be done.

The speed of the oil coming out of a 23g is definitely not the problem here. First of all, a smaller guage will force a slower injection, which is desirable. Injecting too fast can create discomfort. The maximum speed the oil is going to come out of a 29g is a lot slower than that of an 18g. So I think your theory is plain wrong on that. You can test if it youd like.

Take a 3ml barrel. Get a 18g or 20g and time how long it takes to squirt 3ml out while pushing as hard as you can. Then take a 25g attached to a 3ml barrel and try again. See which one fills up the bowl faster. Pushing as hard as possible (a bit imprecise but I think there will be a diffrence.


Jesus christ. THis is wrong too.

Pharm grade DEFINITELY doesnt 'tend to have' higher BA content than UGL stuff. UGLs are notorious for using way too much alcohol because the bathtub operation is a far greater contamination risk compard to the controlled enviroment of a lab. UGLs tend to go overkill on the BA because a report of dirty gear can ruin their reputation. (Im not implying that using more BA than necessary makes a safer product)

Pharm grade test cyp is completely painless.

Second. Sustanon is not made by taking 4 separate oil based products and combining them in one vial. That could be the only way "prop usually has high BA" could make sense. The hormone powders are added to the oil then the solvents and alcohol are added. The BA content of UGL sust has nothing to do with the BA content of prop.

Furthermore, prop is usually the ester added in the smallest dose. 30mg. Compared to 60mg and 100mg of the others. Yes, many people have painful reactions to test prop (the ester it seems, regardless of preparation) but that comes at doses of 75-100mg/ml. 30mg of prop in 1ml of sustanon isnt the cause of the pain.

It's virgin muscle pain.

You dont sound like you have much experience.


U r absolutely right about d drawing in part. It takes couple of tries to get the oil in when it's a vial. After that i "warm" it up a bit using Hair Blower. I also realized that the muscle needs to be fully relaxed...d last time on my quad shot d needle felt a bit tough going in...so i just took it out rather than playing around. then changed my leg position to fully relaxed and it went in real smooth. These are some things i realize now that I self inject :)And of course quads seem much easier to pin compared to glute...no turning around to hold d needle as u aspire...


Bonez...don't kill d dude...after all we're all here to learn...:slight_smile:


Personally, quads are the least desireable site. I recommend the ventrogluteal site. A nursing tutuorial and a search on this site can show you how to do it. Minimal nerves. No stretching. And has high volume capacity.


Youd rather learn info that isnt wrong though, Im sure. It's not personal.


I didn't mention anything about the 'speed' of the oil leaving the needle. I stated 'pressure'. Obviously a larger gauge is going to move more fluid at a higher volume. But try your theory you wanted me to do and you will see the fluid leaves the needle with more pressure. A 25g will move less volume at a slower rate than a 21g but the fluid will will exit the 25g under more 'pressure'. And I was just theorizing. I am by no means an expert. I have a moderate level of experience. I was just openly brainstorming to try and help the man have a more enjoyable experience. You could have corrected me about the BA without blasting me. And at no point did I say that was exactly what was going on. I think I used words like 'could be', 'possibly', 'maybe'. I was just openly brainstorming. Sorry if I was a little off base. Thank you for clarifying a few things. I now have a better understanding of the way sus is made. Once again sorry if I was a little off base.


And I didn't instruct him to inject faster. I simply implied using a larger gauge so the oil eases in. Injections speed would remain slow, you just don't have to press as hard on the plunger.
And I was absolutely wrong about the oil restricting flow through needles. That was a bone head remark. Don't know what I was thinking. I should have said the esther effects the size of needle you can use. Such as test e has a large esther which usually restricts it to being injected through a 21g at the smallest. And since sus has a moderate amount of test e in it it should be very hard to get through a 23g. Sorry about the mistake.


Blast you? Lol you dont know my post history that well. Its the internet, you dont need to get upset about getting "blasted".

I still dont agree with the pressure idea. There may be more pressure inside the needle itself. But once it leaves the needle the oil is in open space or inside the muscle. Additionally, the bigger guage needle will cause more pain penetrating the skin and cause more damage in terms of scar tissue accumulation and bruising. Never in my life have I seen someone recommend a BIGGER gauge to alleviate injection pain.

Youre theory about injection speed isnt even a big deal at all. Its the bullshit about oil viscosity and the prop ester in the sust thats scary.



You are spewing complete bullshit.

Explain how the ester has any effect on what gauge needle to use.


Dirt Daniels...I understand you're trying to help, but if you aren't 100% sure of what you are saying or if you are just speculating, you need to preface your posts by saying so. This is how broscience myths get started. This board isn't as prolific as some others, but the quality of information is much higher and part of the reason is because the members police themselves. If somebody says something wrong or stupid, they are called out on it. Don't take it personally.

I agree with everything Bonez has said except about quads. I stick it about 2/3 the way up the leg, on the outside of your thigh. There's a good lacrosse ball sized area where I've never hit a nerve, never aspirated blood and only got a trickle of blood once or twice. I think it's the best because you can use 2 hands and see what you're doing.