Sustanon250 and sten cycle

I just scored some sustanon250 (8) redi-jects & some sten (12) ampules , what would be a good stack or dosage of these.I was thinking of 1 sustanon and 2 sten per week for 8 weeks. Anybody have any suggestions? Also what about possible sideeffects? What do i use for that?Any and all suggestions appreciated. this will be my first cycle and i want to keep the gains.Also my doctor will be administering the shots but she doesnt know any thing about juice.I could also get some deca by prescription any ideas? thanks.

Get another 12 Sten and some HCG and some


Thanks Brock, i meant iwas going to taper up and down with the sten. Do i need to? How would i take the hcg and clomid?At what point in cycle ? how much? Any replys appreciated.