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I just bought some sustanon off a good buddie the amp’s have green writing that say’s sustanon . Made by a company called organon with the expiry on the bottom.Would like to know if this is the real deal. Thanks Cranker

Are the words Sustanon 250 written on a label that’s stuck to the amp, or is it imprinted on the amp? If its imprinted, then its a fake!
Best way to know, would be to simply use it, I guess!

I wouldn’t introduce an unknown substance into my body. While many fakes are made up of benign substances, there are some that are highly dangerous. Continue to research your sustenon. I can’t really tell enough from your description to even give you an educated guess. However, sustenon amps are often counterfitted. Preloads are a more reliable form of sustenon.

Cranker-I wouldn’t just inject it and hope its sus. There are websites that have descriptions and pictures of legit gear. Go to Yahoo and search for a review of anabolics (hint, hint).

There is some thing called the freezer test put the amp in the freezer for ten- fifteen min if it gets cloudy then it is real. HAS any one else heard of this.

The freezer test is not a very accurate method. Many vegtable oils also turn cloudy under such conditions.