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Sustanon Week 3 1/2 Questions


Ok so Im 3 and half weeks in. I have seen some gains but no real huge boost in strength. I have heard the brand of sust 250 I have has been suspected by man to have been underdosed.I have had no real side effects as of yet (mild acne) (increased sex drive)

SO here is my question. Im currently pinning :

*m-w-f .7 cc = 2.1ML a week.. Which is a little over 500mg a week
*liqudex .5 m-w-f

Is it safe for me to throw in another .7ml shot and just pin EOD. that would put me up near the 3ml a week mark and 750Mg of possibly underdosed sustanon.. Or would this be a horrible idea..

Since i have seen mild gains should i just wait it out longer. Or can i bump it up another shot without messing my body up too bad?

This is my first cycle. I went from 212lbs - 220lbs in 3.5 weeks.. def have a little water bloat even with the liquidex....

Im 26 - 6'1
been training 4.5 yrs or so

any info would help thnx


I guess I'll just increase my protein intake even higher than its been and wait it out..... any input in the mean time would help.. Upon doing more research i have seem some people posting it has taken 3 - 4 weeks for some users to really feel there sust kick in.. So instead of jumping the gun.. Ill wait it out.. any info would still be appreciated...


Remember that Sust is a mix of short, medium and long esters. It may take up to 5-6 weeks for all of them to become active.

Try to avoid Sust in the future, it's a mess when trying to maintain stable blood levels.


Having said that what would you reccomend as a good 2nd cycle test wise? Im going to run it again next spring.. I have heard good things about cyp.. But everone seems to have there opinion.


Just an update.. (and a little info for anyone else on sust..)

I am currently starting week 5 (.7ml m-w-f)..

Week 4 this stuff really started kicking in. Insane pump...

Injection pain can be almost completely eliminated by running the vial under hot water for a little bit before drawing into syringe... Then injecting very very slowly. Also leave the pin in for a minute or 2 before removing it so it absorbs for a few.

*Dont massage the area either let your body absorb it naturally. Even though some recommend it, It actually caused the injection site to be extremely sore up to 4 days later. So in my experience : remove needle, use alcohol wipe, then band-aid and let be (I started injecting this was after week 2 and all the site pain of the shots (delts and quads) is pretty much gone. and having to inject EOD or 3 days a week this does help the process.)

I have been taking liquidex .5 mg eod which seems to be working out ok, though i still do have some water bloat in the face...

Initially i was approx 212 -214LBS and upon starting week 5 i am at 222 - 225LBS.

Ill let ya know how it goes and hopefully some of this info can help some others who may be trying sust..