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Sustanon/Tren Injected SubQ?


Ive read some info on injecting test subq. I would like to know some experienced thoughts on this.
Is prop (water based) the only thing that can be injected subQ?

Can you inject oil based tren acetate, and sustanon, EOD into belly fat?

Oh if so it would be love, i cant handle intramuscle EOD, but this sounds to good to be true.

Thanks for info again guys.


It would have to be a smaller volume. Certainly nothing over 1mL, but because it is a viscous oil preparation, probably even half of that would be considered the limit.

EDIT: I have never injected anything, so take that with a grain of salt.


Where have you come across water based prop? I think you mean testosterone suspension.

And sub cutaneous injections are done with TRT volumes. If you want to do sub-q injections for volumes necessary for cycle dosages you'd need to do multiple injections per day. Sub-q injection sites need time in between injections just like intramuscular injection sites do. I am not sure how much time though.

However, it really isn't necessary to have to resort to sub-q injections. 8 intramuscular injection sites is plenty for daily injections. EOD injections can be done with 6 sites. That is assuming the volume is less than 2ml and the muscle is adequately sized.


the prop i get is not oil based, its alchohal, based im guessing. So not water, but not oil either.

glute quad deltoid. Umm i dont think i have anything i can sink a 1 inch pin into besides that, and i hate deltoid shots.

My bros go lats. but damn..

If i do the oil based tren acetate and sust could you do 1cc per injection or much less?

i can handle subq shots 2 times a day. im wanting to figure a way to run this tren.

i will suck it up and shoot it eod intramuscle if i got to i guess.



I can assure you that your TP is not alcohol based. If it truly is...stop using it!


Use ventro glutes. Best injection site.


Maybe your prop is in EO? Definitely not alcohol. Haven't you ever experienced what alcohol feels like on raw skin or even inside a cut?

I have not done an sub-q injection before but I would not recommend 1ml sub-q. Guys doing TRT sub-q are injecting something like .2ml at a time with an insulin syringe that has a 29g needle.

Ventrogluteal is a superior injection site to all of the ones you've listed. If I were to do daily injections I'd use VG, DG, quad and deltoid. Your deltoids have multiple heads if that is something you are confident in doing.


Alcohol based Testosterone Propionate? I believe that it is soluble in alcohol.. but i can not see why this would exist - the pain level would be near childbirth with fire and knives.. it would not be usable.

As for the injections.. no, no, no.

SC shots need to be much less than 1ml IME - more than that is liable to cause issue (sterile abscess, movement of bolus, pain..).

I would only do something like 200-300mcl like that (sc). IM however is safe to do upto 2ml per site - and some do more than that (but risk sterile abscess). I always shoot daily (unless cruising when i try not to think about being on) and i have done some runs where i may do two or three 2ml IM shots daily for a frontload too - it's no biggie.

Not only this but if for some reason you have a dodgy underground product that has prop in alcohol instead of oil(?) then you could easily mix thatb with an oil product - this would reduce the pain to nearer childbirth and needles (rather than with fire and knives) - and you could shoot both in to the muscle simultaneously avoiding multiple shots.

I am not sure why you need to 'suck anything up'? If you want to run Sustanon and Tren Ace - then put say.. 0.5ml of Tren and 0.4ml of Sust into the same pin and inject that daily - just 0.9ml a day in one shot! This would give you 350mg Tren and 700mg Sust.. a perfect cycle for most - me included.

I ain't touching the prop.


Ok well it is very then it is definately not oil. Yes the gear i use comes from labs. i was told it was some kind of alchohal, not isopropyl obviously. Maybe i dont know what im talking about but its clear and not yellow tinted and thin and has the consitancy of water/alchohal. And the guys who use it and i get i from/make it from the powder, said it was not oil based i thought they said some sort of achohal.

And YES it burns and aches in injection site like HELL. Makes me sore for days after. Only the prop. So i dont touch it. I dont know what EO is as far as asking what type of prop it is sorry.

i want to run sust though.

So i wont try subq. Its just pushing pins in my muscle gets pretty painful and im using 1 and 1.5 inch pins depending on the site. I shoot glute quad, glute quad. and only shoot every 4 days.

Im not comfortable shooting deltoid, but i dont think tren every 4 days would be worth it.

So any help again based on this would be awesome. The amount of gear in the injection doesnt bother me. The pin going in and the soreness the next day is what i dont want to deal with every day, thats what i meant sucking it up.

Brook if i did sust/tren eod, what would be good dosage?


Tren Ace has a 1.4 day HALF LIFE.. so EOD is not good for stable levels.. as the dose will be considerably less than half the dose you injected on the previous day. this will cause swings in hormone levels increasing aggression, acne and when run alongside an aromatising androgen, gyno too.

ANYway.. as i said you COULD do 100mg of Test and 50mg of Tren a DAY.. then surely you can work out the dose you could run for an EOD regime.

EO is Ethyl Oleate and is a clear and very thin oil. It is highly likely to be that - it is HIGHLY likely not to be alcohol. I am not flaming you here but you really know very little about these products, so the passing comment from someone else who may or may not know jack (and from what you have said about your using friends and your own choices i don't think they are the most informed lads - don't worry, no-one round my way are either) should not be the basis of any assertion. Anyway..

Sustanon should be injected at the very least 3x/wk.. not less than twice! It has prop in it, as you probably know - as well as PhenylPropionate which is slightly longer (in action).. so as i said, Mon, Wed, Fri is a good regime for Sust - BUT Tren A really is best used daily, and if you are shooting that daily you may as well do the Sust then too - as more frequent is ALWAYS better whether using an Undecanoate or a no estered drugs.

As i said.. for a 700mg Test and 350mg Tren cycle you could inject just 0.9ml a day to dose both! That is sound.. i don't see the problem - 0.9ml wont hurt significantly and will give a great gain in muscle and strength.

If it is sites - as you just use two..

Use the lateral thigh, left and right - that is 2 days there.
Use the glute, left and right - now it is 4. (these could be enough for a daily regime IMO.. they are large and the area can be rotated by 1" each time essentially not using the same site more than once a week)
Use the ventrogluteal (search this site for how to inject), left and right - that is six.. then repeat.

For 1" being your smallest pin and assuming you don't want to or can't get/buy different lengths, then shoot the traps or lats. They are easy to reach and simple to inject. IMO if you can do the rear glute then you can easily do the delt, trap, lat. Biceps are harder as they are so vascular and twitch - so for a relative newbie they can be unnerving.

IF you MUST inject your Sust and Tren EOD.. then take the volume/dose i suggested for daily - and do the very simple maths to calculate the dose/volume you need for EOD shots.

The results will be equal to daily, but incidence of sides will be slightly higher IME.

Tren Enanthate or Hexahydrobenzyl Carbonate can be used E4D... In fact even Hex would want to be less than E4D assuming that it is around 6 carbon atoms in length.. i am losing you now, sorry.

Just inject Tren daily or at the least EOD. Choose the dose you want to use per week (of each drug), then divide the number by 7 and multiply by the amount of days between injections to find your dose increment (so ED is 1, EOD is 2, E3D is 3...).

Usually i wouldn't help someone with no ability to research - but i know if i don't you will just go to your mate 'John' and start shooting 2ml of Tren Ace E3D sub-cutaneously..

By the way. If you don't want to waste the prop, add 1ml of prop per 1-2ml of a different pain free product. This will give you a blend that will significantly reduce the pain. IF it was pure alcohol, which i dont think it is - it will still hurt, if it is EO with a ridiculous amount of benzyl Alcohol - which i think it is, it will improve significantly - maybe wholly.

If you mix it at 1:1 with Test E you'd have a 350mg/ml blend with 250mg Test E and 100mg Test P.. nice IMO - a cheap version of Sust right there!



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Nah i did research, this site is what turned me on to shooting subq trt dosage. my "mates" thought i was crazy suggesting shooting anything oil based sub q. therefore i have pretty much written off anything they say about chemistry of aas. and yes they do shoot tren ace 2 times a week along with sust.... but there very big guys, and at face value it would appear they know whats what. i guess even the stupid can get lucky or get by...

i would prefer not to be stupid and not to just get by.

i can get 1/2inch pins and 5/8" pins. ill do some research and try to locate the proper injection sites.

i checked with one of the guys he did say it was benzyl alcohol prop, but again not the greatest wellspring of info. were talking bout guys who run anadrol for 12 14 weeks and 800mg of whatever test they can get sust, prop, they dont care, stay on deca year round "because it isnt harsh" lol. never touching a ai,serm or hcg, just get gyno surgery. >.<

no thanks... thats why ill take the flaming and be ignorant so i can learn the right way.


I can speak from personal experience on this issue rather than just re-gurgitated bro science, and hearsay. My last cycle, about 2 months ago I ran Tren Ace, @ 50mg daily, and Test E at 600mg weekly, split into 4 shots per week of about 1/2ml each. The Tren being dosed at 100mg/ml, was in 1/2ml shots as well. I wanted to try the sub q thing and followed the suggestion of 1/2ml shots.

The tren ace went just fine. I saw fast, up front results like you would expect...within the first week. Stronger, a little more size. The Test E took about 2 weeks like I would expect based on results from past cycles. So, I was pinning 11 times per week sub q. The Test E shots for whatever the reason would leave a small 'lump' under the skin for a few days before clearing up. That wasn't so bad, and bearable. They would however (test e) also leave a bruised spot that would grow progressively larger.

Day 1, the injection spot would be red, by day 3-4 they would look like I'd bumped into something, or been punched in that spot. Anywhere from a 2"-4" diameter bruised looking area. Even with a slight tan, the spots were very noticeably discolored. I got no such spot from the tren. I kept shooting the tren sub q, and switched back to intramuscular with the test e.

SO, in my opinion with an oil based testosterone, you're better off going IM vs sub q. If nothing else for cosmetic reasons. It makes sense to me that I did not have such problems with the tren. From the start, Tren Ace was developed as a SUB Q drug. Granted it's given as an injected pellet form, and behind a cows ear.


This sounds exactly like whats happened when I injected too shallow (test E) and ended up getting the oil into the fat rather than the muscle. Happened in my glute.


You DO realise this is totally irrelevant don't you?

But of course no-one is suggesting that the drugs are not absorbed that way - of course they are.. if you understand the processes involved this is common sense i think.

But it is a matter of needing to inject more frequently due to the much smaller volume. i personally would not be sticking 1-2ml under my skin any time soon. Not that it doesn't absorb - but that 1ml of a slow dispersing oil under the skin is not nice, nor necessary.

OP - i commend your resilience to flaming and i wish you all the best, you are a decent lad :wink: