Sustanon/Tbol Cycle Advice?

Hi guys!
I am new on this field and I really need your help!, previous I had an tbol + Stanavar cycle for 6 weeks, I didn’t had a proper PCT and I lost most of the gains.
Now I plan to do a sustanon 250 + tbol cycle. I am thinking to do one shot a week + 40mg tbol/day + 10mg tamoxifen/day + 2 liv52/day.

Two weeks after my last injection I will start PCT:
1 day 250mg clomid + 60mg tamoxifen
10 days 100mg clomid + 40mg tamoxifen
10 days 50mg clomid + 20mg tamoxifen.

Any advices about this cycle, is enough only 1ml/week? Should I choose Test e instead sustanon?

Not a good idea. Sustanon is the dumbest of the existing steroids because it’s got to be used a lot more frequently than you’d think. The blend makes sense on paper, but the reality is that you pin based on the shortest ester in any blend. In this case that means prop, which means eod pinning will be optimal.

Unless you have existing gyno issues there is no need to use tamoxifen on cycle.

If you start pct two weeks after using sustanon then it’s not really pct. That’s more like kind-of-near-the-end-but-not-really therapy. Pct starts after the last ester has reached what I’ll call terminal decline, which in the case of sustanon would be like 21-25 days.

You will be blind. And probably groggy. And insane. That is more Clomid than they give to cancer patients. You can get by with 0mg of Clomid. Tamoxifen alone, 20mg/d, for six weeks will do just fine and won’t put you at risk of the massive side effects that you’d get from your proposed plan.

Meh. Usually not. That’s not a ton more than guys use for TRT, so you’re shutting down your testosterone and replacing it with more, but not so much more that it’s worth the headache. There’s a reason first cycle advice is 500mg. It’s not a magic number, and some can get away with less, but it’s enough to make sure that you’re getting the most out of the risk you’re taking. But 250mg/w isn’t bad per se, it’s just not what’s recommenced. You can get plenty of gains on 250, but you’d get more on double that.


Thank you so much for your advice. It’s much appreciated!

As i said before my purpose is not to get bigger in very short time this is the reason for which I wanted to do only 250mg/w stacked with tbol. I also have 20 tablets of proviron 50mg. ( And I don’t know if to use them or not)

If I will decide to go for 250mg/w + 40mg tbol/d should I do one shot (250mg) or 2 shots (125mg) each?

So. For TRT purposes, Sustanon is best used all at once in one shot, usually every 10 days to 2 weeks. Some guys need/use 250mg a week. For TRT. As in, to get to how you are without it. Splitting up the Sustanon over multiple shots has the effect of nullifying the short ester. You will not get enough Prop at any one time to count, and would essentially be turning your 150mg into 220mg at best. If you want to cycle, don’t screw around. Risk without reward is silly. 250mg/week of Sustanon doesn’t make any sense at all, it’s really only replacing your shut-down natural production so the question is - How much tbol will actually do something for you?

Thank you very much for your information!
Now everything make sense!
I will go for 500mg/w + 40mg tbol/d. Do you think I have to stack proviron as well ?

Probably not. Not for now anyway. Best not to add too many new things at once.

Thank you very much for your information, it’s much appreciated! :+1:

Guys, do you think 250mg of sustanon every 5 days for 8 weeks + tbol 40mg/d will be fine?
And from week 9 to continue with test e 300mg/w for 10 weeks? It’s too much?