Sustanon Stacked with Enanthate

I have been using steroids for half my life. Since COVID, I’ve lost everything and have started over again. However, I’m now using sustanon 250 at 500 mg each Saturday and 250 enanthate 200 each Sunday. I use 0.5 mg of arimidex daily. Can anyone help with this cycle ? I’m about to turn 48 and I’m 182 lbs. i have a lot of headaches and anxiety. I have also no way of checking my blood levels for another 3 weeks. This “current” cycle is now running 5 -weeks. I could use help on ratio and diet. Thank you for all who reply and help.

Why is that?

Why mix a blend and enth, what you’re doing makes no sense.

Yeah stop doing it and pick something that makes sense.

That’s an insane amount and likely the cause of this…


Did you try to get initial re-gains naturally along with muscle memory? That is most definitely how I would have restarted.


Why bother with sustanon when you have enanthate on hand?

Sustanon has four acting esters, enanthate one, mixing can only cause chaos.

The AI dosage is likely to cause bone problems.

Keep it simple.

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