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Sustanon Rollercoaster

What’s yalls thoughts on Sustanon? I feel like an emotional roller coaster while on it. One day I feel good the next sad. Can’t seem to stay stable while on it.

Unless you’re pinning it eod that’s how you’re going to feel. Sustanon is like socialism, it looks good on paper but it never works in practice.


If you’ve only been on it for a short time, it can take several weeks for the long estered part of sustanon to kick in and stabilise your testosterone levels.

Also how many mg/week are you injecting and how often?

I have done 12 weeks pharmacy purchased sustanon

Didn’t have such mood swings

Loved it. It was my first taste of exogenous Testosterone for 4 weeks @ 250mg, once a week shot. I felt incredible by the start of the second week and only got better from there. Plus it takes a good 2 weeks after stopping before things subside. I have actually just switch back to it from Test E for TRT purposes.