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Sustanon, Real or Fake?


Hey guys,

Currently in week 5 of a sustanon 250 only cycle. 500mg per week dosage.

Cant say results have been THAT amazing. Pumps are bigger, appetite unchanged, no libido changes, some strength increases (this could be placebo).

Attached is a photo of one of the 10ml vials I bought.

The test has that bitter numbing feel to the tongue, funky smell, some injection pain, no swelling or anything.

Am I expecting too much from the gear? Or is there a chance I got some olive oil on my hands...

Any light shed on this would be great.



Unfortunatly i think your gear is either very very shitty or fake, ive done 2 cycles of sus250, Both of mine were yellow in color and were oily, Absolutly no injection pain whatsoever. i was noticing clear signs of strength and size by week 5. sorry man i think your shits fake :(. That doesnt even look like a standard 10 ml vial either, not to mention theres no label.


Clearly his shit is from a UGL and isnt pharm grade sust.

ALl of the criteria you listed can be manipulated in the production process.


That shit just looks dirty


The color of the oil means absolutely nothing. It all depends what kind of oil the lab uses when they mix it up. I've had test as clear as water and a buddy of mine showed me a vial of RUST colored test. Both were legit.

What lab is it? I think I can see a label on the left side.


There is 0 labeling or markings on the vials. This was my original concern when first purchasing them. I assumed they were some sort of homebrew UGL job.


Bonez, You seem to be a bit of an authority on T NATION's steroids forums, whats your take on this stuff?


There is no way to know if UGL gear is real simply by looking at it. Or by the taste. Results hit some faster than others. Who knows.


Have you monitored your weight at all? That's always a clear indicator. When I was on sust (balkan sustamed 250) I didn't feel much of an increase in libido throughout the entire cycle and my strength didn't seem to increase right off the bat either. However the scales told a different story and the gear was working where it mattered.

Another indicator is testicular atrophy... I would have thought your boys would be feeling it by now...


Weight before cycle 79/80kg , 5 weeks into cycle 83/84 kg (but ive been eating like a pig some days).
Cant honestly say ive noticed any real atrophy down there...


What about oily skin. Hair loss/growth?


If you dont know or trust your source 1000000% then why would you put that shit in your body? FAIL, chuck that shit in the trash and find a good source you 1000000% trust....I dont care how long it takes. Going down the hard, slippery road of unlabeled, clear looking "Sustanon" with a funny taste will teach you many lessons, lessons of cellulitis, abcesses and maybe even unexplained, undiagnosed severe muscle cramps that leave you unable to walk up stairs for almost 2 days leaving you thinking you have MS or fibromialgia...not a very nice feeling thinking that you permanantly screwed your self up just to save 20 bucks and add 15 pounds.

I speak from experience, once it happens to you then your whole perspective on priorities and how you operate will do a quick 180. Use your head bro, you dont inject clear, unlabled, unidentified shit in your body...I dont care if a doctor gave it to you and said it was ok, no way. Your lucky it wasnt black market ketmine which is exactly what that could be mistaken for...the point is you have no clue...not tryin to flame of hate but this is IMO unintelligent and full of stupidity on so many levels.

Now in looking back this kid is either a serious new comer OR a really really really good troll job....either way piss of or find a good source, NOT some dude at the gym selling you 50cent Vitamin water in a vial


I agree. A lot


(chuck that shit in the trash and find a good source) as fearlesswarrior says. Your only looking for trouble m8 using gear thats not even labeled.


Labels mean nothing. What does a label matter if you know the UGL is good but simply doesnt use labels?


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Labels mean nothing? that makes me laugh lol il go out 2moro put some cooking oil in vials and pretend im selling some good ugl gear, proper pharma companys are haven serouis probs with people faking there brands and changing holograms each year to counter act it, yes there is alot of very good ugl about but none i know of that doesnt put labels on there vials unless you know the guy down the street thats making it lol personally i wouldnt use a vial thats not even labeled might not make a diff to you but for me it would ( i really hope theres not many people like you about are else we are gona be in a world of shit very soon trying to identify what we are taking)...


Bonez is right, if you know what it is, then a label doesn't matter.

I know a guy that used to order shit that came disguised as different oils.

One he told me about sold in bulk and you would have to buy what looked like a small jar of olive oil, then transfer it over to vials yourself (and probably filter it if you were smart.

Same guy said the best shit he ever got came in vials made to look like a thing of lube, and it said sexual lubricant on it. Looks like to me the vial would look suspicious, but I don't know I never saw the shit, just heard stories.

Labels don't matter, quality of the lab does.

Also I would say BBB is spot on. If you have a good powder source, making it yourself is the best. Your only concern then would be the raws being cut with shit.


Homebrewed by urself then yes if you can do it are a good friend you trust, but i think any ugl trying to give thereselfs a good name should have a label, i use a ugl myself from time to time they have label and hologram, if every ugl didnt use a label/hologram then i really think things would be very confusing??????


Yes I am talking about knowing the person making the stuff you clown. Im not talking about UGLs who advertise on the internet. Tone down the ignorance.