Sustanon Problem

i have Sustamed

I was on Test Cypionate cycle before (1-9 weeks) but by a mistake i was given sustanon. didnt want to send it back so i thought i will pinch it after the last cypio shot and continue on it until the end of a cycle.

Codes on ampoules match and are correct, however i pinched one foru hours ago and feel completely nothing, no pain from prop and there’s no bulge on my thigh… I had cypio from the same company and definitely felt something!

is this fake?

id say you probably will know in about a week if you start losing the feeling of being on cycle. just keep some nolva on hand and play it by feel man

Gear shouldn’t hurt. You can’t judge if it is fake in a few hours, based on PIP… If my gear has PIP, or knots up a lot I usually either had a bad injection or I ended up with gear that has too high of a BA concentration.

You will be able to tell after a few weeks.