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Sustanon + Primobolan + Dianabol for First Cycle?

Hello guys, my weight is 78 kgs and my height is 185 cms. I do lifting for over a year. I do sports for 2 years.

So i decided to do this cycle.

10 weeks sustanon (500mg every week/2 injection days)

10 weeks primobolan (300mg every week/2injection days)

For first 6 weeks dianabol (30mg everyday)

For last 4 weeks clenbuterol

I will take carsil (milk thistle) and evicap (vitamin E) every day during the cycle.

PCT: After last injection, I will wait 2 weeks.Then I will take 40mg nolvadex and 100mg klomen for 4 weeks.

Is it a proper first cycle ? And Im curious about pct. Should i use pregnyl?

During the cycle , do i need to take arimidex?

If you’ve only been lifting consistently for a year, I would wait another year or so. You should be able to continue making good solid gains for some time naturally. And let us know your age as well. Steroids at a young age are not a good idea - good way to wreck your natural hormone levels.

Definitely take arimidex, sust made me kinda puffy when I used it. Other than that, I would drop the primo and just run the dbol and sust (if not sustanon alone). Standard thought on first cycle is to keep it simple, and see how you react before adding in a bunch of different hormones. That way you know what works for you, and how you react to it. And no to the pregnyl during pct. If you’re going to use it, do it during the cycle. Search around the site and you should find proper guidance on it. Personally I just started using it in the last year or so, since I’ve been on TRT. Previous cycles, I didn’t use it and recovered with no issues.

So you are telling me that dont use pregnyl, its not necessary. However. if i dont drop primo, what should i do? Taking pregnyl or what?

I’m 21 btw.

drop the primo if its only 10 weeks and use that money for a quicker compound primo takes 9-10 weeks to just start seeing anything 15+ for real results.

running 500mg with dianobol is going to cause some gyno even at 30mg… if the dbol is pharma grade you want to run AI 12mg ED while on dbol then switch to eod or e3d depending on how you feel on test. You can replace the dbol with superdrol and run it only for 3 weeks 4 if you can last that long (the back pumps are excruciating). You will make 10 lb gain in just 3 weeks on superdrol and 0 water retention since it doesnt aromatize and we are talking about 10lb… “keepable” gains… nothing with water in it.

Thank you for advice. I will use arimidex e3d.

Superdrol is not an option for me because I can’t buy it. It can’t be bought in my country :frowning:

Everything is the same as my first post except primo and arimidex. I drop primo and add arimidex.

Will this cycle work well? Still, Im not sure about pregnyl …

If you want to use pregnyl, use it during the cycle and stop at the same time you stop your other injections. Don’t use it during PCT, it will interfere with a proper recovery. And I am assuming klomen is clomid, there is no reason to use both nolvadex and clomid (klomen?) together during PCT. Nolvadex alone has shown to be more effective than clomid. I know a lot of guys use both still, but the research has shown it makes no difference so you might as well save the pills (and money).

Other than that, cycle looks good. You should get some good solid gains with that combo, including a big bump in strength. Watch out for the back pumps with dbol though. I’ve never used dbol (at least not properly), but I’ve gotten them from tbol and heard that dbol is worse.

Yeah its clomid, Btw I ordered the gear. I use only sustanon. I drop the primo because some say its not good to use both sust and primo together at your first cycle. Don’t worth the risk right?

12 weeks sustanon

For first 6 weeks dianabol (30mg everyday)

For last 4 weeks clenbuterol

I will take carsil (milk thistle) and evicap (vitamin E) every day during the cycle.

PCT: 20/20/20/20 nolvadex

So, I decided not to use pregnyl but if you say use it , I will reconsider it.