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Sustanon Pain Like a Mofo

Guess you could say I’m spoiled I’m on trt prescribed about 80-100mgs of test Cypionate a week. Wow trt has been a game changer Most of my pre trt symptoms are gone and it’s been a few months months! Old buddy of mine hooked me up with a ugl source so I pulled the trigger on upping the dose for a little extra umph in the gym. Nd Holy crap the results are outstanding but damn does the Sustanon hurtlike a mofo! It’s a 10ml vial 250mg/ml but it’s gives me pip for about 5 days then subsides. I was wondering if GSO would help with pip due to it possibly having high ba/bb. I just want to enjoy the blast as much as possible! Any ideas? My technique is pretty good I’m very clean swab everything before hand aspirate, heating pad after, no blood or oil when I pull the needle out. But the Sustanon is a killa it’s got prop on it so I’m not surprised but sheesh.

Exactly the same experiences here. The last thing I tried and seemed to help was to inject the 1ml susta with 0.5 ml Masteron Enth. Masteron has never caused any pain whatsoever, so I gave it a try to inject them together. Waaay less pain this time. Maybe just dilution with a pain-free substance.

You shouldn’t get any pain at the site using test, some UGL stuff just isn’t mixed proper, I have had stuff give me golf ball lumps in the past. I have been using pharma grade for the past 2 years and its smooth and painless the way it should be. Those days driving with one arse cheek raised are over lol. Some UGL are under dosed also. I try to stay clear now, rarely have to take the plunge using UGLs these days.

In my case, it’s a reputable (but somewhat UGL) European manufacturer of generic medications. Their Cyp is absolutely zero PIP SQ and IM alike, while the Sustanon from the same source (most probably due to its Prop content) hurts. Many of us react like that to Propianet while have zero to none probs with Enanthate or Cypionate.


I have recently started my research to move into home brewing.
There are just about countless theories as to what causes PIP. However I do know that certain esters of test require different ratios of bb and some need certain solvents to hold. Some people say it’s the solvents like bb, EO, guac that cause the PIP. Some say the PIP is caused by the hormones going back into crystal form once injected. The theory with that is the BA gets absorbed first and without the BA the solutions doesn’t hold.
With sust if they are using traditional esters then they are using esters that tend to need solvents to hold. That does not mean they used the solvents. The cheapest ingredients out there are the basic carrier oils so chances are they just cheaped out on the solvents. That is if your PIP is caused by the solution crashing once injected.

The flip side to them most likely not using solvents is idk if the solution would even hold without them. So made your PIP is caused by the solvents.

Before you go and dilute the whole bottle with GSO maybe try a half cc of sust with half cc of STERILE filtered GSO. If you buy it as sterile and filtered you should be ok but most are not. If you have none sterile GSO that IS filtered you can put a venting needle into the rubber then bake in your oven for thirty to forty five minutes at 225 or so, but look that up I couldn’t verify that temp. That baking will kill anything that might be living in it.
I would be hesitant about using none filtered GSO, you don’t want the doctor to have to dig out a tiny particle from your ass.

The plus to all of this is if the PIP is caused by the solution crashing once injected then diluting could help it hold but really it’s the solvents that make it hold.

You could also try a small pan with half and inch of water. Turn the stove to 2-3 and hold the bottle in there until you have about 5-10 minutes above 180 degrees f but below 212, really don’t go over 200. That could help. But I don’t know all the melting points of the different esters so check those if you can. Chances are if they cheaped out on solvents they didn’t properly heat it either.

All that said, some people just hurt when they use test prop and that is supposed to be in sust.

I hope some part of all of that helps you.


Type is Sterile GSO oil on google. Alphalabs is who I used. I drew .4ml out and then drew .5ml of my test into the same barrel. Switched needles. Then blamo. Zero pip. I have 500mg/ml test and hurt like a SOB before I did this. Cheers


Thank you all for your advice I will be ordering some gso from alphalabs (Amazon) I’ll let you guys know how it goes!

I forgot to mention some good news. I did my third injection Thursday into my left glute. This time around I heated the vial under hot tap water in the sink and the pip hit me after 10 hours instead of 1-2 hours like the first 2 injections! Pip gradually increased into the next day subsiding by evening time. It’s night time now and pain is nearly completely gone (Friday night). Wtf?! The first two injections both hurt bad for 4-5 days until finally subsiding. I wonder if this is the result of my muscle getting used to the ugl. I only shoot glutes rotating each side so each glute gets one injection a week. Any thoughts?

I’ll still be buying some GSO and will try what pipmaster recommended and will update you guys. Again my goals just to lower the ugl pip as much as possible (mimicking the pip I get from the legit pharma test cyp from cvs/Walgreens ) thanks!

Hey so that’s my main question. I have test E 500mg/ml. The PIP is beyond brutal. Can I draw 1.1 of the test and the GSO into the syringe and pin that. I have GSO from alphalabs as well. Should be here today.