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Sustanon or What After 42 Yrs Old?


I am a 42 yo man from Italy.I workout since 2 years already and I had also 3 cycles until noe.
Each cycle was 12 weeks long and composed by 1 Sustanon 250 + 1 Decadurabolin 200mg per week.
My PCT was always ,3 weeks after last shoot,Clomid 300mg first day,100 mg/day next 10 days and 50 mg /day for the last 10 days.
Everything is ok.

I would like to start a new cycle,but I am a little afraid,of loosing my natural test.
In my country,Italy,there is quite impossible to talk with somebody about this ,because nobody know a shit!!
I need help and advice from you guys!!

So, my question is : Is it safe for my age to use Sustanon and deca?Or should I use something else?
Is there any risk about my future capacity of producing test??
please help.I am very tempted to start a new cycle,but I am a little afraid
Thank you


If you are concerned about losing your natural test production run shorter cycles composed of shorter estered compounds.

Instead of sustanon (which is shit) use test Prop
Instead of nandrolone deca, use nandrolone phenylpropionate


Recommending nadrolone to someone concerned with long term suppression is a terrible idea.


I doubt the shorter cycle will make much a difference, at his age.

On a scale of 1-10 Id say that IF the long cycle was an 8 the short cycle would be about a 6, when it comes to having a permanent effect on the HPTA. Just some scale I made up to explain the point, it doesnt really represent anything concrete.

OP I think you had the same risk at age 40 (when you did your first cycle) as you do now.

If I were you Id look into TRT. Or at the most only use testosterone. And yes, if you had to choose either or, the short cycle is better than the long one. TRT + periodic blasts is a common choice for men your age who have the means to do it properly/safely.


I wasn't reccomending that he uses nandrolone. I honestly would not reccomend deca or phenyl to anyone considering how many better things are out there.

He just seemed super stoked about using deca.


That would probably be some valuable information to add to your post then, dont ya think?


i would use HCG during your cycle. I wouldnt use deca and at that low of a dose wont do much but help your joints. i cant imagine only 250 a week sust doing much either. why so low a dose? if you are shutdown you're shutdown, whether you use 250 or 500.


Probably the least suppressive cycle would be orals only. Dosed first thing in the morning - only - and use nolvadex throughout the cycle also.

You could look at using an oral that does not aromatise this is less likely to hit HPTA hard (no negative feedback from estrogen) - keeping an eye on sex drive. As soon as sex drive begins to fall you are shutting down and need to end cycle.

I have successfully used this method with anavar and winstrol in the past and found I could run cycles of 5-6 weeks with no negative impact.

I am now 43 and my last cycle (test cyp) was hard to recover from. It took a while but with patience and D-asp acid I have regained very good levels of endogenous testosterone. Think hard about it - if TRT is not an acceptable lifestyle then I would probably leave things alone.