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Sustanon or Test Cyp for Female TRT?


My wife is currently on TRT using BioTE pellets. Her T level was 12 prior to the therapy and her doc is currently keeping her around 100. The only downside is that the pellets are not covered by insurance and are costing me about $300 every 3 months. Would it be possible to use Sustanon or TestCyp at a low dose (15-20 mg/week) in place of the pellets?

Even at 20 mg/week, by my calculations, we could get 2 years out of a $70 bottle of Test vs $2,400 for pellets. Are there any downsides to this? Keep in mind that we're not looking to get her "juiced" or "on a cycle", but rather to continue her TRT in a more convenient and economical manner.


Yes that will work. But once a week may be a problem. Suggest twice a week.
T-creams are also effective for females.
You could use #31 0.3 or 0.5ml 5/16" insulin syringes and inject SC.


So, would 10 mg on Sunday morning and Wednesday night be a good dosage?


Wouldn't the doctor know?


We'd just quit using the TRT doc.


What about maintaining E2 and progesterone?

T and T-->E2 can shutdown or throttle down the HPOA and that reduces hormones from the ovaries. Progesterone is very important for avoiding:
Aching breasts
Breast cancer
Painful periods and severe cramping
Uterine Cancer
Endothelial dysfunction [aka heart disease]
- which are all part of a spectrum of estrogen dominance

You can get OTC progesterone cream, but at 2% is can't carry the load, but is useful in many cases of Peri-menopausal states.