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Sustanon Only Cycle, Experience So Far


@Chris_Colucci I seriously believe that my latest thread should be a seperate thread

Please reverse merge


Nah, we’re good. You’ve tried starting 4 or 5 different threads in barely over a month all about this cycle. One thread “8 days into cycle”, a separate thread “15 days into cycle”, another thread “25 days into cycle”, and another thread “32 days into cycle” is silly.

Keeping the info in this one thread, essentially turning it into an ongoing log, is the best decision to address the issues and results as they occur.


Ye I get the merge of previous ones but I think last one should have been seperate

Thank you


Leave the fucking AI alone dude. Why do you even bother asking for advice when your clearly set on doing it anyway? You’ve now had an endo give you his advice aswell and it still isnt good enough for you because it’s not what you want to hear.
Its stupidity to throw more drugs into your body because your holding a little water, which is completely normal when using testosterone.
Either start listening to people’s advice or dont bother wasting their time. You have the ‘I know better then everyone else’ mentality and your clearly not ready for this shit.

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Mate, listen to the Doc. He really knows better than most of these “experts”!


You do realize that hcg aromotizes and arimidex does nothing to stop it right?

Stop taking the hcg. If you want to stay on the adex then whatever stay on it I personally don’t use it and I’m running 750mg/test per week.

I can’t ignore the diet situation. Can you elaborate why you can’t change your diet? The only reason that is acceptable is if it’s for financial reasons you can’t afford clean food so you are stuck with cheap sodium packed processed shit. If that’s the case you have no business using gear you should use the money you spent on gear and buy real food.

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today my systolic is normal (around 120) but i didnt workout today. i was fasting.

i will monitor following days

however my diastolic blood pressure is lower than what it should be

it is around 45-60 i dont know why


Annnnd he ignores everything that was said once again.


i am taking into consideration everything said


How old are you?


It’s because we aren’t saying what he wants to hear.

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Yeah I get that vibe with everything question he asks


Fuck a diet. I take shots of raw salt in the morning. Jack the adex way up get the estrogen way down

Salt + adex= gainzzzzzzzzz

Your doing great fuck all these haters


Fuck that’s an idea, eat Mickey D’s every meal.of the day and counteract the water retention with a hand full of adex. Bottom that esto out, water will slide right off

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its threads like these that get me thru those looooong boring afternoons at my desk!


I have never cared or worried about DHT levels

I didn’t get blood test for it

Should i worry about DHT levels on Sustanon 500mg per week cycle?


You should care about all the hormone levels while on cycle. Now “care” doesn’t mean “worry about”, but you should have a complete picture. That’s especially true if you’re getting blood work done anyway. You might as well have all the information you can get if you’re already doing the test. Sometimes that extra information is of no use. Sometimes it’s incredibly helpful. Better to have it than to not have it.


Well I haven’t seen anything related to dht level in any cycle thread

That is why I didn’t care or know actually

Recently I saw In a YouTube video talking about another drug to lesser dht conversation of testesterone to dht


I am using Omron Bf511 Body Composition and Body Fat Monitor Bathroom Scale to monitor my fat ratio

I am 178 cm
32 years old
working out in the gym 5 days a week (i don’t workout in weekends)
started the cycle 02.02.2019

Here the scale ratios what do you think about them? Do losing this much fat ratio possible or it is some kind of water retention etc? By the way i have increased arimidex dosage to 0.25mg everyday so i don’t think i should have much water retention

KG LBS Fat Ratio % Muscle Ratio % Inner Fat Ratio % Resting Metobolizm Calories
19.11.2018 102.8 226.64 27 35.2 14 2071
20.11.2018 101.5 223.77 28.6 34.4 14 2054
23.11.2018 101.4 223.55 26.2 35.6 13 2054
26.11.2018 100.7 222.01 26.7 35.4 13 2044
30.11.2018 100.4 221.34 25.6 36 13 2037
01.12.2018 100.2 220.90 24.7 36.4 13 2034
10.12.2018 99.6 219.58 26 35.8 13 2026
14.10.2018 99.1 218.48 25.1 36.2 13 2025
15.12.2018 98.8 217.82 25.5 36 13 2016
22.12.2018 98 216.05 24.8 36.4 12 2007
29.12.2018 98.6 217.38 23.2 37.3 13 2014
05.01.2019 98.5 217.16 23.9 36.9 13 2013
12.01.2019 98.8 217.82 23.3 37.1 13
19.01.2019 98.3 216.71 22.9 37.4 12 2010
09.02.2019 98.2 216.49 21.9 37.9 12 2009
23.02.2019 100 220.46 19.5 39 12 2030
02.03.2019 101.3 223.33 19.1 39.2 13 2045
09.03.2019 100.3 221.12 19.8 38.9 13 2034
16.03.2019 102.3 225.53 18.3 39.5 13 2056
24.03.2019 102.4 225.75 16.7 40.2 13 2056

There was a study done on 4 of the best body composition scales for home use not long ago. They matched the results up to a “bod pod” which uses air displacement and is considered accurate within roughly 1%-+

They found that bathroom scales or horrible at calculating body fat% some were off by as much as 9% some in the negative some in the positive.

Most areas have a bod pod near them they are usually 50-100$ to schedule a scan it’s really worth it.