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Sustanon Only Cycle, Experience So Far


Honestly I wouldnt bother changing anything yet, you have no uncomfortable high e2 sides, just visual. That’s not enough to warrant increasing your AI. Your body may level out now the hormones are reaching steady levels and dump a bit of water of the next few weeks. Also what’s your diet look like? Sodium per day?

Your planning on doubling your AI when your e2 isnt even that high anyway, it’s a recipe for killing your e2.


My sodium in take is high

0.25 daily how much would it decrease e2 you think? Drop below 20?

I can increase dosage to 0.33mg eod perhaps? for such increase i plan to mix it in a syringe with tap water and drink 1/3 each time


I think you need to leave the extra AI idea alone man. Reduce your sodium intake, increase potassium and water intake and it will more then likely solve your problems.

Again just remember a little water retention is a normal part of cycling. Dont over think all of this, clean up your diet a bit and I can almost garentuee you’ll be happy with the outcome. This is first hand experience, I have one really high sodium mean and I get a significant increase in water retention then blood pressure aswell.


Just FYI it doesnt mix well with water.


what else can I use to mix?

i don’t drink alcohol so please don’t suggest me wine or such :slight_smile:


Your going to completely disregard everything I just said except the bit about the adex…?


well i cant change my diet. my current diet is already hard for me to improve. so i want to reduce e2 to normal range

if i would crash arimidex, turn it into powder than dissolve in water, would it cause any problem of effectiveness of drug?


Please explain why it would be hard to change your diet.


because of my living conditions. so i really can not reduce my sodium intake. so i have to reduce e2 to normal range.


No offence mate, but if you cant get your diet down pat because of ‘living conditions’ then you have no place using AAS.
You plan to use more drugs unnecessarily because you cant eat properly. Not a good idea.

Do what you want, you’ve asked for advice, it’s been given and you choose to take the easy route with the potential to cause more issues rather then taking the safe option that requires a little more work.


thanks for your suggestions

i am already on the diet i can do best

i will wait for other expert opinions


Drop the HCG and reassess in two weeks.


ye it might be increasing E2. but it is suggested to keep balls up and running during cycle to make it easier in PCT am i wrong?

what do you think about increasing arimidex to 0.33mg EOD or 0.25mg daily?


You’re wrong. Don’t increase arimidex. IMO come off it - which is what I advise all my patients and clients and athletes to do. Your dosage is low enough it’s not even an issue. Also HCG should only be used in pct - your body does build up resistance to it. Only time it should be used on cycle is if you’re actively trying to conceive a child.


thanks for input. lets see how others also think about


Haha sounds great.


some other guy in another forum suggested to take like this

instead of 0.25 / 0.25 / 0.25 EOD

0.50 / 0.25 / 0.25 EOD

so 1 day of a week double amount

what do you think about that?


what do you think about total testosterone level

does it look okay when considering the 500mg per week sustanon? i also requested free testosterone test too but it will come like 2 weeks later


Jesus, jumping Christ!
You literally have an endocrinologist, someone with a Phd level understanding of the interactions of chemicals compounds and hormones within the human body giving you advice and this is your response?!
What higher authority would you be weighing his advice against?


@yubs hugs to you brother haha