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Sustanon Only Cycle, Experience So Far


I am in sustanon only cycle since 22 days

Taking Sustanon 250mg - 2x per week
Taking arimidex 0.25 EOD (every other day)
Taking 250iu HCG - 2x per week (on sustanon pinning day same time) since day 14

So far i haven’t noticed any side effects

I plan to get a full blood test but i am not sure whether to get it done at day 25th of 32

Both are wednesday and wednesday is my pinning day (in the evening)

I will get blood test in the morning

So which one do you suggest and why?


Think you might be over thinking this a bit. Why do you want the blood test to begin with? For your lipids and liver and kidney function? Or to see where your test and e2 are sitting? If your feeling fine and you just want to see where you are with everything then I week difference probably isnt going to mean much at all (t of course will still be on the rise).


i would like to see all values that is correct

especially lipid and e2

my natural cholesterol is already high due to genetics


If that’s what your looking at then probably doesnt matter a whole lot. Get one done on either of those days you elected and then another in 4 or 5 weeks when everything will be at its peak.


Day 32 will be closer to steady state compared to day 25, thus day 32 will give a better idea as to what peak levels are.

How old are you, I’ve asked you this and you’ve never specified you’re age. Given you’re username and curiousity towards the other kids cycle thread i’m assuming you’re a teenager like myself.

If you have familial hypercholesterolemia… Don’t use orals… Or tren or DHT derivitaves.


I am 32 I have written in my closed thread

I only use pharmacy product which only available is sustanon

I wouldnt use any oral just bad for liver and kidney

How much would 500mg per week sustanon increase cholesterol level? In percentages


Well the individual reaction one will have to supraphysiologic amounts of hormones with regard to lipid profiles will be dependent on genetics, support supps and diet.

Literature that exists shows that when used alone WITHOUT an aromatase inhibitor, 600mg of test/wk will decrease HDL (good cholesterol) by about 20% with minimal effect on LDL. Given that you are genetically prone to high cholesterol you may be more sensitive to the deleterious effects of androgens on the lipid profile (the literature is on healthy, normal young men)


Thanks we will see then

Also should I use fish oil as supplement?

I am using multi vitamin, b vitamin, d vitamin, magnesium and zinc, whey protein and creatine


Fish oil and krill oil are great staples for lipid control. Berberine is a good one too if you have problems with glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity (good for that and the lipid profile, so double bonus yeet)


It has been 28 days as today

I belive I have started to get higher e2

Because I have gained some weight and it looks like water

My face looks like moon :grin:

My blood pressure also risen

I continue to use 0.25mg arimidex every other day

Hopefully will get blood test this Wednesday

If e2 is high I plan to move every day 0.25 mg arimidex


Hi there. Just let me know what is your evolution, and how do you feel! I’m going to begin my sustanon cycle in about five days :smile:


Since almost beginning super increased libido and sex drive

Other than that slight increase in strenght, slight increase in recovery rate, slight increase in energy and endurance

But I still didn’t get that feeling I was looking for which is Super energy and endurance

But I will be patient to see full results


You’ve overestimated the effects of testosterone.


It has been day 32 since i have started sustanon only cycle

This is my first ever cycle

Age 32 - extremely sedentary work , weight 100 kg, height 178 cm, fat ratio around 19% according to omron scale

All pharmacy product purchased from public pharmacy

I am taking 2 x 250 mg Sustanon weekly (total 500 per week)
I am taking every other day (once every 2 days) arimidex 0.25 mg
I am taking 2 x 250 iu HCG since day 14 weekly (total 500 per week)

Recently i feel like i have gained some water weight. Slight increase in weight, moon face and blood pressure

Working in the gym 5 days a week (chest, back, legs, shoulders and arms split by daily)
My workouts are extremely heavy

I have genetically high cholesterol comes from family

Today i got blood results

Total Testosterone : 15.08 ng/ml : range 0.86 - 7.88 - pre cycle natural level 3.49

Prolactin : 18.78 ng/ml : range 2.1 - 17.7 - pre cycle natural level 10.72

Estradiol : 64.44 pg/ml : range 0 - 39.8 - pre cycle natural level 33.21

Progesterone : 0.82 ng/ml - range 0.28 - 1.22 - pre cycle natural level 0.56

Cortisol : 14.33 ug/dl - pre cycle natural level 19.73

Creatinine : 1.24 mg/dl - range 0.70 - 1.30 - pre cycle natural level 1.25

Aspartate Transaminase (AST) : 53 U/L - range 13 - 40 - pre cycle natural level 34

Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) : 50 U/L - range 10 - 49 - pre cycle natural level 33

Triglyceride : 64 mg/dl - pre cycle natural level 55

LDL Cholesterol : 157.6 mg/dl - range 129< - pre cycle natural level 162.83

VLDL Cholesterol : 12.8 mg/dl - pre cycle natural level 11

HDL Cholesterol : 53.60 mg/dl - range 35 - 70 - pre cycle natural level 61.17

Total Cholesterol : 224 mg/dl - range 0 - 200 - pre cycle natural level 235

C-reactive protein (CRP) : 1.39 mg/dl - range 0 - 0.8 - pre cycle below 0.32

HCT (hematocrit) : 47% - range 41 - 53 - pre cycle natural level 43.9

HGB (hemoglobin) : 15.3 g/dl - range 13.5 - 17.5 - pre cycle natural level 14.3

I am planning to increase arimidex from every other day to every day 0.25 mg as for today (basically doubling the dosage)

What do you think about values and what would you suggest?

I have great libido increase since beginning but didn’t get that endurance and energy increase i have been expecting yet

As for PCT i plan standard protocol

Continue HCG until last week. After last injection take 3 weeks break. During this 3 weeks period slowly taper down arimidex.

Start nolvadex after 3 weeks as 40/40/20/20 weekly. Once Nolvadex starts, i will drop using arimidex


Have you actually taken your BP?


you mean blood pressure right?

yes it has been increased to like 13-14 from 12


Yes blood pressure.
I’m not sure what you mean by that measurement though?


you know it is supposed to be 80 (diastolic) -120 (systolic)
80 is low 120 high

my high (systolic) blood pressure is like 130-140 right now

it was 120 or below before cycle and in the first weeks of cycle


That’s normal to see an increase in BP by that much mate, that’s nothing to worry about. Increase in BP comes with the added water retention and some degree of water retention is just unavoidable.
Thats roughly where I am now with my BP, I went up to 160+ systolic before I knew I had to do something about it and increased by AI.


ye i also dont think too much

but this extra water retention bothers me. especially moon face. i think i will increase to daily 0.25mg arimidex from EOD and see how it goes

i plan to get another blood work 4 weeks later