Sustanon on short cycles

Hi there. Im planing my second cycle. Im 21 old male, have been a musclehead for about 6 years. I can only be on for 3 week. I have got 200 dianabol (pink) and 1000 mg sustanon. Shall i use the sustanon even if the cycle is that short? Or shall I just use the dianabols? I have also got clomid, and im going to take 50mg per day the 3 weeks, and then 100mg per day for two weeks, then one more week with 50 or 25mg. Am i stupid or does this sound ok?

For the short cycle approach, you should in my opinion limit the Sustanon use to 750 mg on day 1. A gram may be too much for levels to allow recovery early on in week 3 but you could try it, not a disaster if it is slightly too much.

You would want the Dianabol to help take up the slack as the Sustanon levels slowly drop during the 2 weeks. You have enough so that 50 mg/day (10 mg five times) is doable.

As has been mentioned many times before, the Clomid should be loaded 300 mg on the first day (50 mg six times) then 50 mg/day. You do not need to increase dose to 100 mg in the third week. Nor is there any reason to taper the dose later. You may wish to take a week or two off of Clomid if doing many cycles back to back, but if doing only a few, can stay on it continuously.

The only reason 100 mg is sometimes used medically is because if one fails to administer the loading dose, it takes too long for levels to increase if only the maintenance level of 50 mg/day is used.

In athletic use, 100 mg may be used also if the user is both particularly prone to gyno and is using a lot of aromatizable steroids. Otherwise, 50 mg/day is fine.

But How many weeks shal i use the clomid after the cycle is finish, if the cycle is 3 or 4 weeks? (Would you recomend 3 or 4 weeks on??) sorry, my english is not good

Thanks a lot for your help Bill