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Sustanon Masteron Equipoise Cycle

Hey guys looking for some feedback on a few compounds.

Current stats 26 years old… 180lbs 10-12% b/f… 1 sustanon, masteron and hgh cycle roughly 15 weeks… few oral cycles of var.

Plan is to run sustanon for 12 weeks and add a few compounds.

Anyone run EQ and Masteron concurrent with each other?

Looking for feedback… is it better to run EQ 8-10weeks at 200mg per week with masteron at the same time, for the same duration and at 200mg per week?

Or would it be better to run EQ for 4-6 weeks at 400mgs per week, then run masteron after at 400mg per week?

Also front loading anavar for 4 weeks.

Please let me know what you have done or experienced with these compounds.


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If you had to pick between the two definitely run EQ for at least 10 weeks. People will tell you 500 / wk minimum but even 250/wk will give a nice endurance boost and some gains

Okay for sure! Do you think I could run EQ and Masteron around 200mg/week each for 10 weeks together?

Absolutely but make sure to run test alongside it, and run a decent amount as both of the other compounds an have enti estrogen effects

4-6 is too short for EQ. Personally I wouldn’t run both together. Mast is great at cutting you up. EQ increases appetite for me at least and it’s difficult to watch calorie intake. Depending on the answer I’d done one or the other at 400/week.
What’s the purpose of the cycle? Strength and recomp, use the test, var and EQ. Strength and cut, use the test, var and mast. As mentioned both impact E levels, I personally wouldn’t do both because of that.
Also, why Sustanon? I’ve found the most sides From testosterone when I use Sust.

Thanks for the info! I appreciate it.

The purpose it to gain some good strength but put on lean muscle and not bloat/bulk up too much. My goal is to retain as much as I can, so I don’t want to go on DBol or tren etc… put on 20-30lbs and lose a ton. If I can stay really lean but still increase food that’s the goal, hence the reason for more mild/cutter compounds.

I chose sustanon because from what I know it gives better results and isn’t as harsh… maybe I’m wrong here?

Do you have Mast P or E?

Yeah definitely, the plan is to run 500mg of sustanon for 12 weeks alongside. Thanks for the help

I gave access to them but have sustanon on hand already.