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Sustanon Gyno Problems

I just running my first course after about 7 years natural training. I was going to run a 6 week course of paki sust250 1 per week, things were going well,

until after my second jab 7 days after the first I had some swelling in my left tit which turned into full on very uncomfortable itchiness and then soreness in both nipples about 4 days latter it has eased off but they look puffier,

it feels like possible some water retention and theres nothing hard, I did have a little pubertal gyno (puffy nips) but nothing major before I started. I managed to get hold of some nolvadex and im currently on 40mg a day until things calm down then ill go to 20mg per day, it does seem to be helping too.

Im 7 days after my second jab now should I keep on the nolva for a bit longer and wait for the 10days for my next jab, I don�??t really want to go through those bitch tits again, very uncomfortable and im not keen on this puffiness either.

And I also don�??t really want to stop the cycle either with the gains ive already made. I am dreading another flare up after next jab though.

I was planning running 6 weeks sust and then at the end leave it three weeks to start 20mg of nolva for 4 weeks as a pct. Does this mean I will have to take 13 weeks of nolva right through just for my gyno??

Is this common with the sust 250 is there a better test, I could take which may reduce the gyno symptoms.

Apart from the gyno which is a major drawback and probably one of the worst side effects, Im loving the strength gains in the gym, and also the thickness of the muscles already.

Ive talked to a lot of people and some heavy users and they are saying you shouldnt have it at that dose, but shit happens, and everybody is different, different things effect different people.

im not interested in big cycles or being mr O, just at little something to get me training better and getting the most from my hard sessions and food.

Would appreciate anyone�??s opinions, the more info we can share the better for everyone.

Why do we have stickies and a search function? Anyone?

[quote]Thatguy1083 wrote:
Why do we have stickies and a search function? Anyone?[/quote]

sust is nothing more than a blend of different estered test

standard protocol for gyno would work check out the stickies.

nolva now but check the stickies.

[quote]Thatguy1083 wrote:
Why do we have stickies and a search function? Anyone?[/quote]

Good point Guy.

OP- get a hold of some adex for during cycle use. You should have planned ahead for this a little more.

Thanks for the responses so far, I have been training for 15+ years natural and the last 7 years consistently, there seems to be so many different opinions out there when it comes to using, its hard to know for me at this stage what to listen to and what to discard. Everyone has to start somewhere and that�??s what im doing. I have tried and wasted a lot of money on natural supplements over the years, but doing just a little bit of gear has had an effect already (not a massive effect but something.), but I just need a bit more info to get myself onto something that suits me.

I have read a load of different examples of cycles, side effects and PCT, and summarised that this one may be right for me but you think you understand something and then something happens and you realise you know nothing at all.

Ive got some tamoxifen now and im on two a day at the moment 40mg and I does seem to be doing the trick of stopping irritation, but im still unsure what to do with regards to carrying on this cycle and for how long I run the tamoxifen? I did plan to do the sust for 6 weeks then use the tamoxifen only for PCT, should I take any more sust or just wait unlit I get an AI, I know I can get hold of liquid arinidex, 50ml x 1 mg/ml, which isn�??t cheap and would substantially increase the cost of me doing a cycle. or is there a better AI i should look for, What do you think?

liquid adex is not that expensive. And even if it was it would well worth it to help prevent gyno in the future. Aromasin is another drug that would be an effective AI.

Also keep in mind that you would probably only need .25mg/day adex.