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Sustanon First Cycle, PCT?

Hi everyone.
Im a 39 year old guy, 1’83. 81kg. I’ve been in the gym for 20 years. Looking better and worse but never amazing. I still don’t know why. Anyway i decided to pull the trigger and do my first Testosterone cycle. I did some research and I chose to do 300mg sustanon per week x 10 weeks. The guy is bringing me HCG and Tamoxifen for the PCT.

I’ve done some research about how to do this PCT but the more I read the more confused I am. Can someone help me with what quantity should I take of what and when please?? Im worried. This is my first cycle and I don’t want to do some damage to my body.
Thanks in advance!!

if it’s your first cycle I would just do the ‘standard’ first cycle protocol to see how your body reacts,

weeks 1-12 Test e 400mg or 500mg a week split into two (mon/thur for example)
weeks 14-18 Nolva 40/40/20/20

keep Arimidex on hand & maybe you can even skip the HCG all together at 400mg a week at 39 you can probably get away with not using it at all.

keep it simple, see how it feels then get more complicated later, it’s all about seeing how your body reacts to what & the less factors involved the easier it is to determine what’s causing what to happen.

hope that helps, wait for some of the vets to chime in

Thanks! You don’t recomend Sustanon? It’s the only test I have in hand.

Sustanon is not great because you have to deal with more constraints
You’ve got to pin according to the shortest ester
You’ve got to start you pct according to the longest Ester.

While you’re on cycle it’s supposed to have an optimal release of test, but you could easily achieve that with other test by pinning at the right frequency

It’s probably your diet.

As for a first cycle: Test E at 500mg/week for 10-12 weeks is the standard recommendation. Sustanon is a mix of esters and really not ideal; but you could use it I suppose. @goldenpig mentioned the drawbacks and ultimately there aren’t any advantages for a simple cycle over Test E or C.

Thanks guys! It makes sense. I will try to get Test E instead. I want something simple and not very risky. Going back to the PCT. Taking just Novaldex for 4 weeks would be enough?

yes, 40/40/20/20 is the standard.

If you already have SUS in hand, you’ll get more value by consuming it than throwing it away. There is a clear difference with single ester tests but it does not mean it’s a bad product. People in this forum do orals only cycle/no PCT /overly unsafe stacks all the time. You’re still on the right side with this cycle.

What I have available is, sustanon, dianabol and winstrol. So maybe it would be better to do dianabol only orals?

This means 40gr daily the first week and so on? How about the Arimidex?
Thanks so much for your responses man…

God no, Sustanon only cycle is a decent cycle. As a first cycle you should not throw anything other than test. On top of that, you have to know that orals come with plenty of side effects. IMO the recreationnal lifter should not mess with orals due to a very poor ratio benefit/long term risk.

arimidex : on hand but you’ll likely not need it. Use it while on cycle in case of gyno and you would start with very small dose like .25mg eod in order to keep estrogens in check. Don’t use it as PCT.

Nolva: you understood, (we’re talking mg, but I guess you’ve made a typo)

Yes, I meant mg sorry…
I was just reading that Dbol on a very low dose could be a good one too for a recreational lifter, no much risk involved. Im pretty healthy for my age and I wouldn’t want to change that to be honest.
So I hope 300mg of Sustanon (150mg x 2 times a week) x 10 weeks will be a safe start but maybe it will take long to see results right?
Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge man.

You’re welcome, we all learn and teach.

The results depend on many parameters. To play the devil’s advocate, you state that you have a healthy lifestyle, but is that good enough to reach the goal you’ve set?

To simplify, think about baking a cake. If you need 3 eggs / 200g Chocolate / 200g flour to make a cake, all the eggs in the words won’t help you make more cakes if all you have is 200g Chocolate and 200g flour. It’s the same with gear, too many people throw gear while their training or other aspects aren’t on point. That would not be stupid if gear was riskless, but it is not. That’s why you have to squeeze the most benefits from it while at the same time lower the potential sides.

I belive 300mg/week is the bare minimum, and there is nothing wrong with starting at this level.

No matter your goal :

  • Focus on compounds movements
  • Your body is not only arms and pecs. Squats and deadlift have the lion’s share on your training
  • Diet on point with sufficient proteins
  • Good recovery
  • No overtraining. At 300mg/week I would train only 3 times a week tops if I had an intermediate level (let’s say more or less squat x2 BW / DL at x2.5 BW) and x4 /week as a beginner’s level
  • Make your training intense. If you use your phone or socialize, it’s not intense enough

That’s what I don’t get. I workout 5 days a week. I can do BW in those exercises more than 2 times. I don’t talk or check phone. I finish pretty quick. I’ve been lifting the same weights forever though. And I’ve been 80 kilos forever. I don’t eat out much. Not fatty foods or breads or anything like that. I drink beer though.
Anyway I personally think there is something wrong I’m doing here And I don’t know what it is. That’s why I was thinking of pulling the trigger on some Test.
Do you think I should do it? Because im thinking on not going to the gym anymore really. Is it 300mg not enough??

I think a workout with high intensity can not be repeated x5 a week for a natty. Your body needs time and recovery to grow.

You are obviously very dedicated, and the things is you appear to be training like someone on gear. You’ve reached a point in your life where you’re body is producing less and less test. So taking T now has a much better risk / benefit analysis than, say, if you where 23yo with 6 months training.

I would not give definitive answer whether you should or should not do it. But what I can say is there are no red flags as far as I’m concerned.

I hope you’ve misspelled something. If you don’t want to go to the gym anymore, don’t do gear (except you’re test deficient, but it’s another topic)

It was misspelled. What I was trying to say is that I feel disappointed. Im not really thinking on quiting of course. I have symptoms that make me think I’m low in Test yes that’s maybe why I don’t grow.
The thing is that I’ve been doing this for long time. I was doing crossfit as well for some time, and I got skinnier than ever, I even see myself lifting harder than some people that look better than me. So maybe is over training or something like that too. Who knows? Anyway man I appreciate your advices. The no red flags sounds good so I think I should try.