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Sustanon Feeling

Has anybody ever noticed a sense of “never quit” with Sustanon? I was the end of my workout, breathing like a race horse and yet I just kept going back to the iron. T-Cyp never did that for me, nor did I ever get so hardened up at the end of my workout. Replies would be appreciated, either way.


There’s nothing magical about sust…test is test. Maybe your gear is more accurately dosed this time. Maybe your diet is better. Maybe you’re just paying more attention, but it’s just test.

The only difference I experienced with sust over a single ester is increase in feelings of shitiness and bad sides due so blood level fluctutations.

You are essentially saying that Bayer aspirin is better than Anacin.

Dude - test is test…just like Moriarty said.

And sustanon sucks ass. Will it produce gains? Probably. But the fluctuations in blood levels alone is enough to stay away from it all together.

Based on what you have said, I have to think that this is the first decent gear you have ever used.

I’ve used sust once and I really liked it. Perhaps it was the shorter acting esters that kicked in faster and made me feel like it was working better, but in reality it was probably just working sooner. Either way with frequent injections I don’t see a problem with sust. P22 is a big fan of sust too, and he’s obviously doing something right, so it shouldn’t be discredited altogether.

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You should be injecting EOD…as long as you do that, sust is as good as a single estered test…it all boils down to shot frequency.

I still hate sust. You guys make compelling arguments - but I will not be swayed.

It all comes down to how many times a week you want to poke yourself. I have done Sus on 2 different cycles and it did me justice. I would rather do Ethanate and only have to shoot once or twice a week as compared to EoD.

I really think Sus gets a bad rap because you have to shoot it EoD and many don’t want to go through the hassle.

Mix in another .5cc of Prop with your shots of Sus and you get great gains. If your going to do Sus you might as well add in Prop cause your gonna be sticking yourself EoD anyways.

I have been injecting Cypionate with the Sustanon E3D to have a predictable long ester to count on. I guess I should have said that first.


155 views and 6 responses? Does anybody else have anything new to say? Thanks.

[quote]KNB wrote:
155 views and 6 responses? Does anybody else have anything new to say? Thanks.

What more are you looking for? There’s nothing else left to say. Test is test…