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Sustanon/Equipoise/Anavar/Winstrol Cycle


I want to add a few pounds of lean muscle, while losing bodyfat. Weeks 1-12: I will run 250mg of sustanon, 3 x per week. I will add 200mg of Eq 3 x per week. Weeks 4-12: I will use 30mg of anavar and 100mg of oral winstrol. I would use arimidex or femara, while being on this 12 week, lean bulking blitz. I wanted to use Trenbolone E, but I do not want to jeopardize my cardiovascular endurance.

Any feedback on this cycle?


lol, is this your first cycle? This is a retarded idea if you're only trying to add 'a few pounds'. Why even use gear if your goals are so low and modest?

Other than that, too much winstrol. Too much everything if it's your first cycle.


I want to lean up, but add just about 10 pounds of quality muscle. I have decided to do Weeks 1-12 600mg of primo and 600mg of EQ. 50mg of anavar, 50 mg of Winny, 50mg of T-Bol while using proviron to free natural test and block estrogen. Dieting is gonna be the major key regardless.