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Sustanon/EQ Cycle with TRT?

Been on TRT test cyp for 7 months and have a question, if I go on a Sustanon and EQ cycle do I stop taking my trt while on cycle? And if so once I’m off cycle do I just resume my trt treatment like before? I’m new to all this and just want to do what’s right.

Thank you

Yes, and yes (sort of). Start the TRT shots early enough to give you some build-up of cyp before the other stuff leaves your system. And this should have been in the Pharma section.

Please describe your current TRT protocol and what is your plan for the Sustanon and EQ cycle (dosages and length)

Trt protocol- 160mg test cyp weekly

Cycle- 500mg Sustanon 250 weekly
300mg equipoise (EQ) weekly
Total length 12 weeks

So you mean start taking my trt shots maybe like 2 weeks before my last dose of my cycle so it has time to build up in my system before going completely off cycle and then just continue my normal trt treatment after that?

I will definitely not post stuff like this again in this section, I will post next time in pharma, still learning how this site works…Thank You

Yes, you want to avoid a drop off.

May I ask why you chose Sus? Do you have access to more Cyp? It would be beneficial to continue using the Cyp, blast it at your 500mg stated along with the EQ and then resume your TRT when done. No need for PCT on TRT, just revert back to normal protocol.

Now would I want to do the same thing when starting my cycle, take my normal trt dose at the start of my cycle for let’s say two weeks until my body gets used to the new compound? In this case the sust?

Just to be clear take trt dose and new sust 250 dose at same time just for a couple weeks?

It’s what my coach said would be best. What would I want to take once I get off cycle and return to my trt regular dose? Pct?

Sus is a mix of short and long ester test. There is no need for any acclimation period off/on your TRT. You’re still running the test. E2 sides are more easily managed when taking either a short or long ester but gets complicated when you are running a blend like Sus. You can do it… IMO C or E are more ideal.

Summary… no you don’t take your normal TRT dose. Just blast the higher test of your choosing. Also IMO, a 250mg/wk blast is barely a blast but again its your call. When you get off cycle you just go back to your TRT. No PCT required.

Sustanon will hit you almost immediately, and then the short esters burn off pretty quick so I wouldn’t worry about at the beginning too much with overlap. At the back end at least a week overlap. Although honestly, I think that using your normal test all the way through as part of the cycle makes more sense, as was suggested by someone else.

Thank you for the info, I’m running 500mg a week of sus250…is that an alright blast?

That’s pretty much the standard first cycle dose. Should work for ya.

I’m blasting now. My trt dose is supposed to be 200mg but about three months ago I lowered it to 160mg. My blast has been 200mg of my RX test plus 250mg of my “additional” test. When I’m done blasting I’ll just go right back to trt. I find that it’s easier to do it that way than to switch and then go back. But that’s me.

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You mean instead of using Sustanon250
Just use my trt dose of test cyp? Or use Sustanon250 and my trt test cyp at same time? Sorry just want to make sure I’m getting what your saying

You could, but I’d use a larger dose of cyp than that if it’s a cycle. Think 400-500, plus whatever else.