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Sustanon & Enanthate 300?


I have a question for all of you Juice junkies.... Can I stack Sustanon 250 with Enanthate 300? Or should I wait till I finish the Sustanon then take the Enanthate?

I've been taking Sustanon 250 for the last 2 weeks and today I just recieved a bottle of Enanthate 300. So let me know what I should do..

Blk Qbano


both are test and should be shot E3D, E4-5D if you want to push it.


Do you still have any Sust left over? Enanthate is part of Sust of course. You could easily switch over to only using Enan if you're running low on sust.


Enanthate isnt in any Sus i have ever used! I switch back and forth, but if ya stack it, maybe try 1cc of sus, then 3 days later Enanthate, then 3 days later back to sus, etc... You will see AWESOME gains!


You're right its decanoate not enanthate.


but it is most likely a UGL sust 250, not the original. though some UGLs make it right on the money, many switch the decanoate for enanthate because that is what is already on hand. on the bright side, you get a tad more T for the buck and don't have to wait forever for the decanoate to clear.


Test is test!

(Or maybe you were a bit sarcastic? It's hard to get sarcastic point thru in writing.)


No, scuba dude, test isn't test, they each have different actions and half lives in the body. Every test i have used produced slightly different results. Saying test is test is like saying egg protein is like Whey isolate. You can generalize all you want, but it is an elementary outlook of steroids.


the half lives are indeed different and this will account for slightly different results, but they do not have different actions in the body. in that respect test is test. the differences experienced are due solely to the peaks and valleys of blood concentrations of test.

a more appropriate analogy would be using ion-exchange whey isolate and cfm whey isolate.

if one were to take the same amount of prop and enanthate ED (base weight, not ester) then, the effects would be indistinguishable in the steady state (mid-cycle) and only discernable at the begining and end of the cycle.

however, once we start moving the injections further apart, we start getting more peaks and valleys in blood test concentration between injections. more so for the prop due to its shorter halflife. this will influence the rate at which estrogen and DHT is formed, leading to slight differences between the esters, other than just blood test concentration effects.

but it is due to the delivery pattern which can be modified. the more often you inject, the less the differences between esters.


Use sustanon over omnadren due to the fact that omnadren has high occurences of gyno, even though sustanon is mor expensive... but the again a plastic surgeon costs more than sustanon.


I hardly consider different estered Test to be "stacking."

Is there synergy between Test E and Test Cyp? Of course not, it's ultimately the same thing.


I have never taken steroids before. Which one would be good to start with and would it be good to buy off the internet ?


I would not use them together. Use them back to back. Personally I like test E much better then sust.


Another option is test suspension. Many more injections but very very good results. But watch out to make sure that you cycle injection sites. You dont want to end up with a nasty infection thats going to have to get drained.