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Sustanon Dianabol Stack???


Would this be considered a good beginner cycle?
Week 1-8: Sustanon/500mg 1-4 Dianabol/25mg day

I am 20 years old and I have been eating clean and lifting since I was 15 years old.
I am 5'9 and weigh 193 at 10% body fat.


20 years old

2 thumbs down.


I started when I was 20...but I wish I would have waited a year or two longer.

OP, I think you could still make great gains without gear for a while longer. I always encourage guys to get well over 200 lbs before considering gear. You are not that far away.

First off, you shouldn't run d-bol over 4 weeks. You also have not mentioned an AI or PCT plan. If these terms are foreign to you, you do not have any business playing around with gear.

Good luck


With my bodytype, i could never have got to 200lbs naturally by 30!

Also what is wrong with dbol for longer than 4 weeks?

I dont think these blanket statements really help anyone here.



You need to take into account your biological age, not chronological. Commonly heard 21+, 25+ or similar are completely arbitrary.

For instance, someone who began puberty earlier is likely to be able to use AAS safely earlier than a late developer. I began puberty at around 9 (seriously) and so am in a different boat entirely to my younger brother who at 14 is completely hairless.

Also, you need to address your progress thus far.

"I am 5'9 and weigh 193 at 10% body fat" = a big fat NO re: AAS use.

If you're gonna use at a young(er) age, then you'd better make damn sure you've got the genetics/discipline for this game - otherwise the tradeoff just won't be worth it.


Exactly, at the shorter statures, and especially for the slim builds - when one approaches 200lbs it really looks very large on that person - shit, at 160lbs it was quite obvious to people i trained with weights.

At 180 i had constant suspicion of AAS use (i am 5'8") - and now at a 200-210 fluctuation, not only do people not even ask anymore - they just assume, i am only just qualified to use AAS by the standards set in the blanket post, yet it is a relatively high level of accomplishment for a male of my stature naturally.

It isnt a dig or a flame to Jukebox, just that i believe it is simply incorrect to make such judgements - what about the asians for eg. Many of which are very short?

I lived in the States for some time and i know that American men by and large are bigger than British men. Just a general size difference.
Here in the UK a Medium T-Shirt was tight on me in most stores, in the US Small t-shirts were all loose on me... just a vague example.

Some of it has to do with the sports played in HS and the culture, some of it is the American fascination with all things Peanut butter.. ;p

I guess it is all relative - as for someone of 5'10"-5'11" it is much more reasonable to expect the person to be nearing 200lbs before AAS use (decent BF% of course)... as natty training and eating would achieve this.

I agree with Dave_ to a degree, except if he is saying he shouldnt use AAS - i think he should damn, i thought he DID!



No offense taken Brook. I am 6', so most guys that come to me are usually 5'10" to 6'2", and that is the advice I give them. It was a mistake to make that statement without considering height. I didn't mean to offend the OP or any of the shorter statured guys of the forum.

I'll be less 'keyboard happy' next time and think a little bit more before my next posts...lol.