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Sustanon, Deca & Dbol cycle


Can anyone tell me how long does dbol take to kick in. I'm on my 10th day of a 13 week cycle of sustanon (500 mg/week) deca (450 mg/week) and dbol (40 mg/ day). I do have a better pump but my weight stays the same! I know that sustanon & deca will take longer but i thought that after 10 days i'd gain at least a few pounds!!!


10 days is certainly long enough to fell 40mg of dbol.

thats a bad sign. possibly underdosed, possibly fake, possibly a weaker drug.

I assume youve used steroids before sicne youre using 3 drugs in this cycle. True?


Yes, my first cycle was in June and only for 6 weeks. Test prop and win. I looked up the dbol pills on the net and they looked legit but like you're saying, they must be underdosed. It's the pink ones in form of a pentagon.


I also have drol. Should i quit dbol and start drol?


The dbol are from british dispensary i think.