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Sustanon Cycle

Almost at the week mark and man I feel a difference already. Workouts are much more intense, not hitting failure as fast as before, strength gain is minimal, but a slight difference.

No bloat to report at all! Having done Test e before, I could say I’m quite impressed with sustanon 250, injection pain is slight, but not an issue either. All the shit I hear people talkin on the boards preferring test e is bullshit.

Test e made me bloat, although I haven’t gave it enough time to make that comparison, and it took much longer to kick in. Mood is better, morning wood is back, actually wake up with my dick in my hand dreamin of brazillian chicks. I gotta say, hats off to organon, this is good shit!!

Contrary to what others say, Im pinnin on Sun and Wen 250 a shot, and mood has been staple and improved.

Anyone else have good experiences on this as well?

The pinning 2x a week wont render the drug useless mate, it simply doesn’t utilize the full effectiveness and can result in a slight increase in side-effects due to fluctuation hormone levels.

You COULD inject 125mg 4x/wk… that way you get to use the amount you desire (due to budget most likely) AND make sure that you get the FULL effect of all the esters in the product.

I like it too.


You would think that with the time you have been around here you wouldnt go against the grain on this one.

You may as well of just a batch of sus made up without the two short esters as they are nearly useless the way you are doing this cycle.

It shouldnt be about the fact that its working ok the way you are doing it. It would be optimal shot eod with the best results possible. However you have just proved that you must know better and you would rather do things half assed.