Sustanon Cycle - Frontload or Orals?

I am starting a Sustanon cycle of 500mg/week. From reading everyones posts it seems that an oral like Dianabol would be the way to go in the first part of the cycle to speed things up. Unfortunately I get my gear from a HRT clinic and they don’t provide Dianabol and I dont know of any reliable sites. Seems like my only alternative would be to front load. Any suggestions on front loading Sustanon? Is it the same formula as front loading Cyp, etc.?

Your HRT clinic don’t provide Dianabol? Are you sure? Strange…

How/why do you intend to frontload? How much test do you use? Surely ir is something like every 2-4 weeks with that drug?

I want to speed up the time it takes to get blood levels at their optimum. Same reason someone would do Orals with an injected Test…I am going to do 2 weekly injections of 250mg for a total of 500mg/week.

I understand what a frontload is ta, but so you know for next time this isn’t quite the idea behind using an oral in the early stages of a cycle. That is more of a ‘kick’ to the cycle in which you benefit from the effects of an oral until the long estered drug kicks in after 4-6 weeks… It of course works due to the simple levels though, which i am happy to see you realised for yourself.

What confused me was thinking that a HRT clinic script and a doctors script were the same - i know they are not but it threw me for a second there…

Use this:

You can work it out yourself and every time thereafter :wink: Input the 2x/wk 250mg dose and scroll to the 6th week, then adjust the day 1 dose until you make it reach week 6 (or 7) levels.


Thanks bro!

Since you are getting the stuff from a proper HRT clinic, are you actually on HRT?
Are you doing this cycle in addition of your HRT? i.e blast and cruise style
If so, i wouldn’t use orals. I’d ask the doc for some Organon Deca-Durabolin, and run the cycle a little longer (compared to a standalone cycle). 12 weeks of sustanon + deca stack with adex and caber.

HRT clinics can usually prescribe test, deca, HGH and various anti-estrogen/anti-prolactin drugs.

The clinic is an HRT center, but I am really just doing cycles. The Deca is on back-order. I am doing Anastozole though for my Anti-E…

Yeah - one of the best cycle i did was 200mg of Organon Deca (with Proviron of course) for 8 weeks.

It will lean you up AND bulk you up (relatively) regardless of diet IME.

Organon Deca is on back order around my area too. There are some bodybuilding shows coming up in september/october. The bodybuilders are stockpiling the stuff, it’s only 50mg/ml. They will need a lot of vials. Equipoise is on short supply too for the same reason. Dianabol on the other hand, is on discount :slight_smile: