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Sustanon and Winny Cycle


Im thinking about running a sustanon and winny cycle.
Im a college Baseball player trying to take my game to the next level and go pro. I need some advice if anyone has ever taken this cycle. Ive done extensive research on these two and not sure if winny would be good me. Ive been lifting for 4 years and consider my self pretty strong.

im 21
Db bench press- 110
squat- 475
60 yard dash- 6.9


Here comes the fire


Your squat certainly strong if you are going to proper depth but you are pretty light for your height. Now that I think about it 475 squat at 165 is pretty rediculous, good for you. Oh well.

Anyway, about the cycle. Winstrol can be hard on the joints. Keep that in mind.

What cycle are you considering? Dose and duration. What will you do for pct?


sustanon 250- 8 weeks,500mg a week , Tuesday 250mg, Thursday 250mg
winny 8 weeks, 600 mg, Tuesday 300mg, Thursday 300mg

4 weeks
nolvadex 40mg 2 weeks
last 2 weeks 20mg

Im not really sure about the winny because of the joint problems like you said. would it be stupid to run the sustanon by itself?
yeah i know the squat is ridiculous ive always trained my legs twice a week and just finally hit the 475 mark last week. I had people at the gym ask me what i was on.


Shoot sust EOD.

Winstrol is used ED. Most people use 50mg/d.

No, using sustanon by itself is not stupid. Test only is a good first cycle.

Read up on frontloading and why it's important, especially for an 8 weeker.

What week do you plan on starting PCT?


You will need an AI to run along side the test. If you need a source for that we can help, although if you got the nolva your probably familiar with research chemicals.

You will definitely want to front load with sust on a short cycle.

Its not hard, so dont worry.

As for dosing and drug choice, I would go with adex the first time, its much more user friendly.

8 weeks of winny is a tad long, your joints and liver will begin to dislike you. But your not likely to have serious problems with 8.

Just a heads up.

Also remember that if your not feeling 100% after the four weeks, keep running the nolva at 20 for another week, or however long it takes for you to feel good to go.

Sometimes on the first cycle, recovery is slower than after your body is somewhat adapted to usage.


alright im prob going to get so called "flamed" for this but, I was wonpdering if it was absolutley essential to do PCT if i was only doing low doses of sustanon. I have a really low amount of body fat and dont think that gyno would be an issue.


I find it odd that now everyone says you HAVE to run an AI with your cycle of test yet not that long ago you never even heard anyone mention using an AI.

I'm not questioning if it's a good idea or not but rather if you MUST use it.


PCT really has nothing to do with gyno. Sure, the drugs commonly used in PCT are also used to combat a gyno flare up, but that doesn't mean it is the reason they are used for PCT. You should not be using steroids if you don't understand why Nolvadex is used for PCT.

The only way one wouldn't need PCT is if they were not shutdown. But if you don't experience shutdown it is unlikely that the cycle had any positive effect (assuming the use of testosterone, of course)


No, it is not a MUST to use one, but there are plenty of good reasons to use one. The good reasons go beyond gyno prevention. Years ago people didn't use AI's for a few reasons (IMO). Arimidex used to be very expensive.

It is also believed that using an AI will hinder gains because of the lower estrogen levels. It's a personal choice but I have a feeling many will agree with me when I say that keeping estrogen in the low-normal range is better than having high levels (even if gyno is not a concern).


Taking the estrogen too low will definitely hinder gains.

But thats not what your supposed to do.

Your supposed to keep the estrogen from getting too high, which will cause a whole host of problems.

The least of which is making you look and feel like crap.

AI's are cheap now, theres no reason not to use them.