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Sustanon and Tren Ace. Help with Plan?

I have a 12 week supply of sustanon, and trenbolone ace. So 4 10ml bottles of each. The last time I did a cycle was about 8 years ago. I was also given a vial of testosterone suspension and a vial of HCG. I’m not taking the suspension. The HCG is 5000 i.u and there’s a sodium chloride ampoule included. He told me the HCG was for PCT. I’m trying to build some muscle while keeping off water retention and fat. My diet is in check. Can someone give me the correct amounts I should be pinning per week? I know the tren should be every other day but is the sustanon once a week?

If you can’t answer these questions for yourself thru research you shouldn’t be using steroids.

Your also missing some very important things. Again tho if you don’t already know this I suggest you spare yourself the misery and not use gear until you educate yourself a bit more

You’re probably right. I did a cycle about 8 years ago but I forgot a lot. This guy gave me the HCG and told me it was for post cycle. I just wanted to ask you guys to make sure. Could you help me out with the information I’m looking for?

Im glad you realize this and because you didn’t get offended like so many others I’m gonna give you some direction that will allow you to better understand everything if you put forward the time and effort.

PCT drugs–nolva and clomid. You will see a lot of people suggesting the use of both but this is a bit out dated. Nolva (tamoxifen) alone if sufficient.

Its been a while sense you ran a cycle I would suggest just running test alone if you want to add the tren ace that’s up to you. Make sure you research all the possible side effects of tren on your body mind and endocrine system so you are able to make a informed decision.

Research aromotose inhibitors. Arimidex and aromasin are the most common you should always have one on hand altho I don’t reccomend using unless necessary.

As far as dose per week this is something you need to answer yourself thru research.

All the information is out there it’s up to you to put the time and effort into learning it. Stay away from reddit. You can find a lot of info thru the search option here at t nation reading previous threads and thru Google reading studies.