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Sustanon and HRT

I have returned to training for about 3 years and seriously lifting since my training partner left. ( he was not that motivated and didn’t want to push the envelope regarding effort) So I have made good gains so far.

Regarding the gear.

I have often thought about using but the more I read the more I was confused as to dose types and PCT. So I just never did.

However being 44 (Just) the HRT issue has reared its head, I am convinced that I am low on T.

Reason being that I have had the opportunity to sample some 4-AD and found the when I suppliment with just 1 spray once a day it makes a big difference to libido. I have looked at HRT and to my surprise found that they where recommending sustanon 250. As I have learn’t that sus is acombination of 4 steroids and that they enter the system at different times ie one quick to enter and another takes longer.

My question to all that know about this is regarding HRT and not muscle enhancement would 1 shot once a month be sustainable over what time period and if so how long would you consider this to be. Secondly would PCT be needed? Thirdly would Gyno be an issue?

Fourthly would this suppress any T that I am producing?

Sorry for length of post,
Hope someone can help
Best wishes

1 shot of Sus per month is how they do it in Europe I’m told. The concept is you don’t over-do with several hundred miligrams per week, but let your body get up to the normal range gradually and steadily and then maybe your body may maintain it for the 10-14 days of the month your not on. Is is sound logic? Don’t know, but try it and tell us how it goes.

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I agree with the statement that S-250 being over rated. If the W.H.O.(World Health Organzation) can use 200mg Test E. a week a means of birth control for over a year in men without any serious side effects. What I would do is score 52 and train very hard. Remember to do cardio so that way you will not retain water. And your muscles will not have the water ballon look.

As for HRT, yup jwhen I asked my doc the other day after he said " Ok see you in 3 months and we will get some labs done", I saie o"oh to see if my T levels are coming up?" . he says " No I am not too concerned about that , I just want to check your liver enzymes". SO it appears that HRT is a life long thing to be on once started. As far as combating the estrogen, I found that with the one shot of test cyp a month at 2 ml/400 mg, 3 days later my nipples were hurting, then itching and I was holding tons of water, so arimidex was prewscribes as I am suseptable to estrogen… I am now able to self administer my own shots and will cut it to 1 ml/200 mg every 2 weeks. Also if you get the Arimidex, DO NOT take the 1 mg a day, search around here for doseages, because I started to get flushed and had a dheadache every day I took it, so I am not trying 1/2 tab every 3 days and will cut it to 1/4 if need be. If you have decent test levels allready I would think twice about starting HRT, it is life long, in my case anyway.
best of luck.