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Sustanon, Anavar & HGH Cycle

Hey guys,

Looking for feedback on my current cycle.
6 weeks in and seeing good results while cutting.

Background: taken hgh 2 prior cycles by itself. have run sus 250, anavar & mast one cycle about 1.5 year ago, while bulking saw around 20lbs mass (not muscle) over 15 weeks. Anavar by itself 3 times 6-10week cycles within last 4-5 years.


6 weeks into cycle

Current cycle stats. Beginning weight: started at 201lbs, approx 15-16% bf. current weight188lbs, approx 12% bf and strength has increased.

Cycle details include Sustanon 250, Anavar and HGH.

Anavar: Wk 1-2 20mg ed, wk 3-4 40mg ed, wk 5-8 60mg ed, wk 9-10 80mg ed.

Sustanon 250: wk 1-15… 250mg every tues/Friday… thinking of upping to 750mg per week starting week8.

Hgh: Jintropin, 4ius ed 2iu am/ 2 iu pm.

Arimidex: 1mg every tues/fri. Not very susceptible to getting gyno although I know 2mg per week is typical.

Pct: this is where I need the most help. I have 5000iu hcg and plenty of arimidex. Also have nolva on hand, never used this nolva though… got from Mexico for pretty cheap. Was thinking waiting about 2weeks after last sustanon injection to start hcg.
Was thinking of doing like 1000 ius for 4 weeks? Please let me know what you recommend and do you rec 1 inject per week or split up?

Sorry if I missed anything. Please let me know what you think and I’ll take your opinions into consideration! Thanks guys I appreciate any feedback!

Be careful dosing hCg. It aromatises and isn’t controllable by an AI. That dose of 1,000/w is good (split in two 500iu shots), so don’t go higher than that.

I’d say start it the last week of your cycle (usually it’s last two weeks, but because of the sustanon and added length of the half life you can start later) and run it three weeks. Then start your pct. just my first instinct.

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Thanks man I appreciate the help, I was thinking of doing it similar to that but I’ve also heard guys say take 500 ed till you run out of the 5000 ius sounds a little wack? Also any thoughts on clomid?

Dude… don’t run the Var that long. Its hell on lipids… 6 weeks max. I agree with Iron on the HCG protocol. Also, I think your AI dosage is too high, but you know your body better than I.

Damn really? I’ve run a few var cycles up to 10 weeks. Do you mind explaining what the side affects or issues of running an oral or var past 6 weeks please

If you want to run the var for extended time frames I would at least get your bloods taken mid cycle to confirm what its doing to your lipids… side effects of crushing your HDL for long periods of time? …atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease.

Wow! Sounds gnarly… I’ll get some labs done and see what the case is. Thanks for the info I appreciate it!